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  1. Hi Geococcyx, Thank you for your response. With respect to research at Berkeley, I garnered the following from their page: "In extremely rare cases, a thesis option may be considered by the MA Chair. Typically, this will be when either the option has been offered to the student at the time of admission, or if the student arrives with substantial progress in research in an area of interest to our faculty." (https://statistics.berkeley.edu/programs/graduate/masters). I was not offered the opportunity to pursue a thesis, however. With respect to everything you mentioned...I agree! Ou
  2. Goals/Interests: Econometrician/Biostatistician, or a Statistician/Data Scientist with domain/research focus in the biotech venture capital industry. (Or, some ‘correct’ combination of these or related labels that might be more appropriate…) Beyond market/industry research, I would also like to focus on understanding the underlying statistical methodologies and techniques being applied in medicine/biotechnology/health science (i.e. machine learning's application etc. etc.…) My goal is to convince a biotech venture capital firm that they could benefit from employing a statisti
  3. Apologies, my undergrad degree was non-ivy small liberal arts. Since graduating I have taken all the math/stats/cs courses at an Ivy. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, A bit more of a non-traditional background here. I was an econ 'math-light' major in undergrad. Started to get interested in statistics after a year long course in econometrics my senior year (lower level - no prerequisites in multivariable calc or linear algebra if you can believe it...). I didn't feel overly satisfied with continuing on a finance track as a profession, and decided to jump into the maths after I graduated. Over the past year plus I have been working from the ground up taking courses in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, and have loved
  5. email received**, thoughts still appreciated!
  6. Hello All, I applied to the MSc Statistics at LSE and was rejected in only 2.5 weeks. Is this strange? I have a 3.74 undergrad GPA (and spent my senior year abroad at the LSE). There are certainly weaknesses in my application, but for some reason, I thought it might be slightly odd that my profile would be rejected so soon... Lastly, they said they sent an email, but nothing has been received from my end. Appreciate any thoughts on this!
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