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  1. I literally submitted my application on December 1st. Guess this means I'll hear back later?
  2. Hey y'all! I just recently got the recent of my scholarship package from UChicago, and I just have some questions about cost of living and tuition. I know that whenever I college posts its overall tuition, it is more of an average estimate. With that being said I received $25,900 in scholarships, $4,860 for Work Study, $20,000 in unsub loans, and $27,769 in gradplus loan. I obviously do not intend on taking out all of those loans, but I also am not as afraid of taking out loans as most people are. Do y'all think that these are good numbers to have as far as funding is concerned? Also I figured, that some of the money could go towards housing (hence why I'm down for taking out some loans at least for my first year so I can get situated) Just trying to make some informed decisions about college lmfao. Thanks y'all!
  3. Maybe the rest of us will find out tomorrow???
  4. Yea I submitted my stuff on December 1st and got confirmation soon after, then in like the middle of January I got the confirmation email a second time. It was super confusing.
  5. I am so excited for you!!!!! AH!!! They emailed me yesterday and said they'll be letting us know within the next 10 days. As far as stats go: 3.4 GPA at Florida State University Psychology major with minor in Social Welfare (was originally also a Social Work Major, but had to reduce to a minor last semester) I've participated in many leadership programs/conferences, and I'm also a member of a handful of honor societies/organizations I was a Resident Assistant (RA) for 6 semesters (2 summers, 2 falls, 2 springs) Been on the executive board of our big mental health organization for 2 years now Worked as an Orientation Leader PeaceJam Mentor Did some research in Diversity & Inclusion, as well as on Eating Disorders I also had the opportunity to serve as a student coordinator for a couple of my campus's leadership development programs I am one of the founding members of a mental health initiative that was launched this academic year Admittedly, I don't have a lot of internship experience but I'm hoping for the best lmfao. I know my letters of rec were pretty strong, but I'm hoping that my essay reflected myself in a way that was clear enough for them to see.
  6. The uncertainty is wild lol. What an emotional rollercoaster this is
  7. As in we will start hearing back in two weeks? Or we should get notifications by the end of two weeks? Just wondering because I have to call other schools about decision extensions.
  8. I also got the same email last week. To me it just seemed as though they began the reviewing process. I personally didn't think too much about it, but it wouldn't hurt to call.
  9. I am getting so anxious, haha. I just want to know!
  10. I'm just painstakingly anxious waiting for Columbia. However, I've pretty much decided that if they don't accept me/don't give me money then UChicago here I come!
  11. Did you think that the $25,000 was enough for you to get through the program comfortably? What other opportunities did you have as far funding? Thank you so much!
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