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  1. @LauraT VCU has offered all interviews per their website. They send rejections via snail mail.
  2. @LauraT what day are you headed to OU? I'm going Feb 8th.
  3. @snr17 Programs not accredited by the start of school cannot accept a class. Last year, Arizona had interviewed and planned to participate in post match, but they failed to get accreditation in time so they couldn't accept anyone. Usually the program makes the call to drop their applicants sometime in the summer if the program hasn't been accredited yet. Basically, you would never be admitted somewhere that wouldn't qualify you for boards.
  4. Thanks @Nefelibata, yeah if you didn't get any interviews you can withdraw. Sorry I misunderstood you.
  5. @guidingsunchan You will rank the programs you interviewed at once the Match opens on March 29th. You don't have to do anything for schools that rejected you. Withdrawing from the Match would mean you did not intend to rank any program at all.
  6. Hey y'all, for those who haven't heard from USF yet, don't fear just yet. I sent an email to their admissions contact and she emailed me back to say they are still reviewing applications. It's not an assumed rejection at this point!
  7. @laura moreno Catelyn (aspiringGC) called after neither of us heard anything on the day they sent out invites and rejections (Feb 12). They said if you haven't gotten anything you are on the waitlist. About a day later we both got rejections at the same time.
  8. @AspiringGC and I were on the waitlist so we received rejections later than everyone else. You might still be on the waitlist! Go you!
  9. Yeah the rejection email said due to the large number of applicants, they won't be providing individual feedback, then it listed some general ideas of how to improve.
  10. @Blizzard Just that they won't be giving us feedback, that was in our rejection emails.
  11. Haha good old Utah doesn't even want to speak to us about our applications.
  12. @bB0769 Sorry to hear all of this. Sounds like you are a great candidate and you are deserving of a spot somewhere. I'm a first-year applicant so I don't have any personal experience with this issue, but I know a lot of people on here and on discord have said they didn't get interviews this year at places they were interviewed, even waitlisted last year. It's baffling for sure, the only thing I can think is that these programs have just already decided you aren't the right "fit" for their program. I imagine it's frustrating. You aren't alone by any means though. I hope you get a spot this year. Fingers crossed for you!
  13. @laura moreno A lot of people in the discord chat (like me!) haven't heard from VCU and also they send out invites over at least 2 days.
  14. @lilmaz I'd really recommend Crisis Text Line for your counseling experience! It's work from home and you can do anything from 4 to 12 hours per week. Best of luck! Cheering for you!
  15. I'm looking for any fellow (female ) March 9th Rutgers interviewees who might like to split a hotel!
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