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  1. Hi youngim, I think what you're asking about relates to whether you have a multiple entry visa or a single entry one. As far as I know, you can travel to your home country and back as long as you're carrying your passport, visa and I20, provided your visa is multiple entry (marked with an M or MULT under number of entries). I think most students have that anyway! Hope this helps :)
  2. Hi! You could check out these links: http://mars.jrn.columbia.edu:3002/spreadsheets/1B5ZXo0QmtVCP8VI_eC57z_oPkihaADbf-Ijox2OaAWc https://www.careeronestop.org/toolkit/training/find-scholarships.aspx There are the Aga Khan Fellowships too, if your programme has a development component. Hope this is useful
  3. Thanks @JournalismApplicant! I received a mail from my programme director on the 9th of March. I'm still waiting on the formal letter from GSAS before I burst out the bubbly. I reckon the Magazine guys get their admits earlier than CRC. Btw a lot of respect for applying for CRC, I didn't have the guts to do it. Hope you get in Yeah it wasn't an interview. I just freaked out and thought it was more important than it turned out to be. Poor social skills and very little gumption ?
  4. Well no one replied :/ I'm providing an update just in case it's useful for someone else. I got accepted into the programme, so I guess it was just a courtesy call. All the best to everyone out there waiting to hear back from unis! Especially Columbia ?
  5. Hello! I'd say you have come up with one rather strong rebuttal and one rather weak one to the arguments put forth by the author. But I'm replying to you mainly to say that this section on the GRE is rather complex and requires practice, and we're all grad/ Ph.D students like you! What do we know? ? It's more like a critical thinking exercise than a writing one, and I feel you'd be better off asking a professor for feedback. And read writing tips from good guides like Barron's or Princeton. Oh and the official GRE guide too. Topics for these essays are posted on the official GRE website anyway, so be sure to look that up. Hope I helped! Good luck
  6. Hi! I actually think your essay answers the prompt and is decent writing. You have a lot of great examples too. Maybe you could introduce more varied arguments and structure your essay better? But hey I'm a student like you! The parameters for this section of GRE are a little different from regular essays, and I don't think students like us can really tell you what to write to get a good score! You could look at writing tips from books like Barron's and Princeton. Some GRE websites also have paid plans where teachers correct your essay. Maybe you should check those out? Good luck for your attempt!
  7. Hi...I think your essay is well-written, although I felt it wandered off the prompt a couple of times. But we're all hopeful grad students here and wouldn't be able to analyse this based on the AWA parameters! Maybe you should sign up for one of those online GRE plans which has essay grading options? I'm saying this because my friends couldn't help me understand this section at all. Good luck for your GRE attempt!
  8. I applied for NYU's Magazine writing programme and recently received a mail from the programme head Meryl Gordon, saying she would answer any questions I had about the programme. I mailed her back with a convenient time, and asked what would be suitable for her, and she just called within the next half hour! Here I was chilling at a mall food court with friends. I didn't really have any questions and had a really half-baked conversation. Do you think this would effect my chances?? I've been freaking out since yesterday. What on earth is the purpose of this call when NYU doesn't have an interview requirement? HELP!!
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