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  1. Haven't heard back yet. I interviewed on 2/25 but they had a second interview date on 3/1 so it has only been a few days.
  2. UMD is the only school I haven't heard from yet. I assumed rejection, but not sure. UC Irvine's interview across all specialties was early January. They had 42 interviewees for ~15 slots, so probably safe to take it off your list, unfortunately! ?
  3. Very cool! I am excited to meet her - I have seen her a few videos of her talking about her work and I can tell she is so passionate about it.
  4. Just got an informal acceptance to WSU! My University of Denver POI also just emailed me and said she had exciting news (we skyped in Dec) and wanted to talk this afternoon. I can't imagine it would be an acceptance, but since I already did at least a preliminary interview, maybe an in-person?? Excited. My signature includes all the school I applied to/have heard from. Sounds like a lot of them aren't matching up with y'all ( @mhassa17, @FlowerdanceShirley, @ResilientDreams)
  5. UCI's interview weekend for the Dev Psych program is this upcoming week (11/13-11/14). Not sure if it is the same for all psych depts (would assume not) but I can try to get a feel when I'm there!
  6. @hopefulgrad2019 and @spookycat I have a phone interview on Friday with WSU. That being said, I applied to the Prevention Science PhD program and the faculty I applied to work with was also one of my LoR writers, so I'm sure this is a little different. He did tell me the week of Dec 31 that they just started funneling applications to POIs.
  7. FOR SURE go into it as if it were a first round interview (prep for it and have questions ready!). This is pretty normal.
  8. Shoot, sorry to hear, @mhassa17 ! Maybe the others will reach out! Crossing my fingers for ya!
  9. UMN doesn’t interview. Source: went there’s for undergrad and 2 LoRs are from there.
  10. I am not. I graduated in 2015 and have been working full time in relevant fields.
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