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  1. This is really an inspiring content that you have, thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. trying to get a small, cheap smart phone

    Don't choose Apple, go for Samsung.
  3. The Positivity Thread

    When NY Cheesecake solves everything.
  4. Stephen W. Hawking

    This news has shocked the world, RIP Sir Stephen Hawking.
  5. anybody do a green smoothie diet?

    I am not a fan of green smoothie, I prefer apple cider for diet.
  6. anyone else losing weight in grad school?

    Its the opposite, stress helps me to gain weight which is what I don't want. Good thing I am so done with paper works and I have time to do a cardio workout.
  7. If you Don't get accepted

    I love how optimistic you are. You have surely brightened up the days of this people, thanks for those kind words.
  8. Diet coke habit!

    I used to love drinking carbonated drink, but I have stopped consuming it as I want to be in shape and stay healthy. I am happy with water and freshly blended fruits.
  9. The Positivity Thread

    Eating sweets make me feel happy. Thanks to my Mon Amour for the endless supply of chocolates.
  10. What are your 4 dream jobs? Are you qualified for any of them?

    1. Communication Professor 2. Journalist (News Writing) 3. Human Resources (Employee Relations) 4. Cabin Crew
  11. Blogging!

    Blogging is pretty interesting, I, myself is a freelance writer for different blogs.