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  1. Yes i got the scholarship. My status updated to 'funding' early in the morning, and after 3 hours I've received official documents regarding the scholarship. It seems like they have only provided 12-14 students from Uzbekistan this year. Cheers
  2. Nodirjon, check your application, the results for Uzbekistan started coming out! I just got mine last night! By the way, everyone who got 'Funding' eventually received the acceptance letter from DAAD?
  3. Hey guys, also got 25% tuition waiver! Unfortunately, not enough for me either. Anyone applied anywhere else?
  4. Hello guys, I hope waiting for admissions/financial aid is not killing you! I was wondering if anyone knows any news about the date the next decisions regarding financial aid/scholarships will be available? OR anyone has gotten their scholarships results? Cheers!
  5. Got accepted to MPP Program 2019! Applied around 29th of January, so very fast processing time! Yet the decision regarding the scholarship/financial aid is still unknown. Anyone else got accepted to MPP? Anyone got any scholarships/financial aid this year?
  6. Hey, what's going on, guys? I am planning to apply for the interdisciplinary programs (15 Jan). What are the programs you are applying, + any other unis you laid your eyes on? Cheers
  7. Hey guys, Good luck to all of you waiting for the Helmut-Schmidt-Scholarship answers. Anyone is applying to Hertie School for the MIA Program 2019? I am almost there with my application process and as far as I know the results are coming out pretty quickly. Anyone already applied and have any news? Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!
  8. Hi there! Great to hear that you are applying to those two programs, as I am interested in those too as well! Exclusively interested in the programs in Europe, I am wondering if you have any other unis you are considering to apply?
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