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  1. From personal experience, you usually find those out from professors! They tendo to be part of the groups and get emails about events!! Another great source is your departament at school, they tend also to know about conferences. So if you already have research done, I would shoot a couple emails to some professors to see if there is anything going on, and for them to keep you in mind if they receive anything in the near future!!
  2. Anyone applying to any masters in Europe this upcoming cycle? I thought we could discuss it here! I’m applying to Science Po and IHEID.
  3. Hi there, I think something you should consider is that there are many different masters programs, for every type of student!! Meaning that you can find a masters program that will accept lower grades. Of course that would mean that it might not be the best program in your area, but might still be worth it! Now, on the other hand, you already have a job. And it seems like you are doing well. So it might not be worth it to drop everything and go to graduate school, unless you go to a graduate program that will give you more advantage in your field of work. For example you don’
  4. You probably already made a choice. Just because of the finance, I would go with Science Po, if I was you!!
  5. Hi guys, I'm graduating May 2019 from a U.S university, and I'm already considering my options for graduate school. I want to live in another country to gain more international experience and learn another language. What are the best MA programs in Europe? (Taught in English) I'm already considering The Graduate Institute at Geneva and Science Po.
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