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  1. https://news.chapman.edu/2021/02/12/chapman-alumna-and-speech-language-pathologist-fights-for-underserved-students/ 😃
  2. and quit being dramatic.... you probably just dont know how to handle grad school stress.
  3. i will disagree with you and say that there are many reasons why this program jumped in rankings from 130 to 92 in less than two years. Chapman offered me so many opportunities to get a wide range of experience to the best of their abilities. They took care of me at my lowest of lows and celebrated my success. The biggest impact on your education that isn't just affecting you at the moment is Covid. You have to figure out how to adjust your lifestyle to best fit how you learn and get your education during these difficult times. Maybe you lack ability to advocate for yourself and seek classmate
  4. dude... do what you gotta do... all this frowned upon stuff is BS lol .. im sure it happens all the time and they expect it to happen hence the waitlist
  5. Hello! If you have been accepted to George Washington University please message me! Im trying to find more people who are thinking about going or who have officially accepted their acceptance to talk about housing , school, and pros/cons and what not! Congrats to everyone on their acceptances! what a crazy roller coaster it has been!
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