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  1. I have been notified by my prospective guide about 10 days back that, he has recommended me to the admission office to admit me for respective graduate program with assistantships. I have mailed respective department office again to let me know about their decision... then they replied me that, thay are still reviewing my application. Can someone help me out about what actually thay mean? Do they generally take this much of time to send the decision even if my prospective guide has taken his decision?
  2. Graduate program- Fall 2019 (UNC-Chapel Hill) Department: Enviromental Sciences and Engineering Ph.D. topic: not yet decided(mostly on development of air quality modelling tools) I want to clarify once again... as said by the prof. will I be funded for all the 5 years of my Ph.D.,?
  3. I got reply from the professor at UNC-CH that he has recommended me for graduate program. But still I am waiting for official offer from the department. Hopefully we meet soon.
  4. Hey... I got email 2 days before from the professor that he recommended me to the department for my admission in graduate program along with assistantships under his supervision. Did this mean, most probably I get the offer along with assistantships ?! Please help me... Thank you
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