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  1. corgilover

    California Interviews 2018!

    Hello!! Congrats on getting an interview at CSUSM! Would you mind sharing what the interview experience was like and/or your stats if you don't mind? That's my number 1 choice right now and I'm applying for Fall 2019-super nervous! Thank you!
  2. Hi Kumapanda!


    I was wondering, since you applied to CSUSM's SLP Masters program, if you had any insight into applying and maybe your stats if you're comfortable sharing? I'm applying for the same program this fall and am just trying to get as much information as possible!


    Thank you so much!! ? 

  3. Hi everyone! I'm planning on applying to CSUSM's Masters in SLP for this Fall 2019 cohort and was wondering if anyone was willing to share their stats that got into the same or a similar program? CSUSM doesn't require the GRE, which seems good at first, but just puts more emphasis on your GPA. My last 60 units GPA is around 3.72 and I'm volunteering regularly on the weekends with a group that provides opportunities for those with mental handicaps. I would really appreciate any feedback or advice that anyone has; I'm freaking out! CSUSM is my #1 pick of graduate school and I just so badly want to get in there. I work full time also but I'm doing my best to keep my grades up as high as possible. I've also read/heard so much about the interview process, so if anyone has experience with that I would really appreciate that as well! ?

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