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  1. As a potentially MIT-bound nuclear scientist/engineer, I sure hope you are more precise with your work than with this forum! (Just joking. This is the Education board, I'm guessing you meant to post in the Engineering one. Congratulations on the interviews nonetheless!)
  2. Generally, programs don't narrow down candidates through a large number of interviews; they largely narrow down candidates and then fine-tune through interviews. I was emailed by a professor I had expressed interest in working with; I don't imagine most professors want to spend time interviewing more than a short-list of potential candidates. Getting an interview is a good sign, of course; it doesn't guarantee acceptance and it doesn't guarantee any funding, but it's an encouraging step in the right direction. Good luck to you and I hope the interview goes well!
  3. I didn’t apply to UCSB but I did to UCSD and was emailed about an interview last week. That certainly doesn’t mean all interviews have been arranged, of course.
  4. Are you talking about Master's programs? The programs I'm familiar with at those universities do require the GRE for PhD applications...
  5. Nice, congratulations. I applied for Ed Policy and Social Context myself.
  6. What program exactly? Education PhD? What concentration, if you don't mind sharing?
  7. Putting an ounce of effort into a rudimentary search would yield numerous K-12 Education Leadership EdD programs, and they are far from limited to those at top-tier universities you mentioned. I don't want to be rude, but realistically, if you're unable to even find/identify programs that interest you, how are you going to evaluate programs in a meaningful way, decide where to apply, and take the steps needed to complete successful applications? Asking others to take the most preliminary of steps for you is just lazy and, ultimately, a bit pointless - you know what you're looking for, not anybody else, and it won't come from a random list of highly ranked universities/programs. Show some initiative, do your own legwork; if you're used to having somebody holding your hand for even this level of 'research', maybe truly consider what a doctoral program will entail as well. Take charge of your situation. Or go ahead and throw money away on applications anyway. Either way, good luck to you.
  8. Acceptances have gone out to the top candidates. Should any of them decline, the next names up on the wait list will be extended an offer. This process is usually dependent on candidates knowing all the offers available to them, and may included interviews, school visits, etc. If all this was expected to take place right before the April 15 deadline, it would be chaotic for everybody involved. Schools start issuing acceptances once they’ve reviewed applications and are ready to do so; the timelines provided on websites are generally loose and seem to mostly represent the ultimate deadline for hearing a decision.
  9. I am waiting for an Ed.D. decision from TC Columbia myself. Saw some Ph.D. decisions from a similar program on the results page here on Friday, so hopefully the Ed.D decisions are also coming (very) soon. What programs are you waiting to hear from?
  10. I've been preparing to apply to Ph.D. and Ed.D programs this fall for Fall 2019 admissions, focusing on International Education Policy and related programs. I have a pretty basic question first - how many applications are you completing for doctoral programs? I've found 3-4 programs I would be 100% interested in, and would expand that to about 7-8 programs that I would be happy with if accepted. Is that a low/high number, based on your experiences? I've heard of applicants in other fields putting out 15 applications, and others say they applied to only 1 or 2. The fees are not a major issue, but obviously I don't want to waste money unnecessarily, and I don't want to waste my time or the time of my recommendation writers as well. As for my personal background, my GRE scores were 163V/160Q/5.0 (might retake), I have a M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction (4.0 GPA), and BAs in History and Art History (2.9 GPA, but I hope my overall strength of application can outweigh this.) In addition to ~5 years teaching experience in the US, I have been teaching/working internationally for 7 years, have been promoted to leadership positions, and have specific topics of interest based on my international experience, so I think I can write a strong letter supporting my application. My LOR professors (from my masters program) are highly supportive and I anticipate strong recommendations. Any thoughts on the strength of my overall application are welcome as well; I know my low undergraduate GPA is a weak point, but I hope my more recent masters program grades can help cover for that, as well my GRE scores and overall application (so I hope, anyway!) Also, I finished my undergrad about 12 years ago, and my masters more recently, so I hope the fact that I can show I've grown up and changed since then carries some weight... Anyway, I'm general not sure where I really stand as an applicant, and any input would be welcome, thank you!
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