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  1. I just checked my portal and found a rejection letter, dated yesterday; I didn't get an email notification of anything, so your status might have been updated as well. It's unfortunate to get a rejection, but I'm also glad that I can now move ahead with my #2 option; I feel relieved that it's settled and I can finally accept and start getting myself organized in that direction! Good luck to you with your other applications as well.
  2. Have you received a response yet? Or anybody else that applied to SSCE?
  3. Different schools, different procedures; some programs will even tell you if they do/don’t include interviews. Not all do.
  4. The first piece of information I've seen (a rejection) was reported yesterday on the results page; otherwise it doesn't seem like much has been shared in terms of interviews/admissions. From looking at past years, there aren't any documented interviews on the results page since 2016, so perhaps they currently don't do interviews for this program? It seems unusual but not unheard of.
  5. Somebody on the results page posted about receiving an SSCE admission email yesterday.
  6. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I have been looking at the 'placement exchange' website, which was referenced in one of the general emails I received, but it seems to be identified everywhere as being available for Master's students, so I was a bit confused by that. I suppose these may be the same openings available to PhD students as well..(?) The email also said the listings would be updated with a week or so, but nothing has been updated there since Jan 23rd from what I see. https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/ELP/PHEL+and+EPP+Master's+Students+Placement+Exchange
  7. Nice, congratulations! I have also been admitted to this program; it is one of my preferred choices and the funding situation will play a large part in determining if I'll be able to accept, so I'm looking forward to finding out more about this as well.
  8. I also applied to a Rutgers PhD program and haven't heard anything yet.
  9. As a potentially MIT-bound nuclear scientist/engineer, I sure hope you are more precise with your work than with this forum! (Just joking. This is the Education board, I'm guessing you meant to post in the Engineering one. Congratulations on the interviews nonetheless!)
  10. Generally, programs don't narrow down candidates through a large number of interviews; they largely narrow down candidates and then fine-tune through interviews. I was emailed by a professor I had expressed interest in working with; I don't imagine most professors want to spend time interviewing more than a short-list of potential candidates. Getting an interview is a good sign, of course; it doesn't guarantee acceptance and it doesn't guarantee any funding, but it's an encouraging step in the right direction. Good luck to you and I hope the interview goes well!
  11. I didn’t apply to UCSB but I did to UCSD and was emailed about an interview last week. That certainly doesn’t mean all interviews have been arranged, of course.
  12. Are you talking about Master's programs? The programs I'm familiar with at those universities do require the GRE for PhD applications...
  13. Nice, congratulations. I applied for Ed Policy and Social Context myself.
  14. What program exactly? Education PhD? What concentration, if you don't mind sharing?
  15. Putting an ounce of effort into a rudimentary search would yield numerous K-12 Education Leadership EdD programs, and they are far from limited to those at top-tier universities you mentioned. I don't want to be rude, but realistically, if you're unable to even find/identify programs that interest you, how are you going to evaluate programs in a meaningful way, decide where to apply, and take the steps needed to complete successful applications? Asking others to take the most preliminary of steps for you is just lazy and, ultimately, a bit pointless - you know what you're looking for, not anyb
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