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  1. In a recent phone interview I had, I was asked to describe a potential thesis or dissertation project I would like to work on and how I would go about designing it (methods and everything). This question caught be by surprise and I hadn't prepared for it. So be ready to have a response in case something like this comes up!
  2. For those of you that are currently working, how are you dealing with taking time off for interviews? I know I will have to take several days off in a span of a few weeks for interviews and I'm worried about taking so much time off (especially since my employer doesn't know I'm applying). Interviews are my priority especially since I will be leaving work in a few months if I get accepted but I would still like to have a job until then. Anyone in a similar position?
  3. I would reach out to the POI to let them know the situation, especially since you have been in contact with them before so they know you a little
  4. I think an on-campus interview is always better because they will get the chance to interact with you and get to know you better (and vice versa). It all depends how much you value your current job (and your current financial status for travel expenses)..for me, personally, if it means a better chance at getting in, I would much rather skip a day or two of work and go to the in-person interview.
  5. So I had originally sent my transcripts to a school in October but they said they didn't receive so two days before the deadline I sent it again. It should be arriving soon but graduate admissions told me that my application may or may not be reviewed. Nervous because its my top choice! and frustrated because it wasn't my fault since I had everything sent well before the deadline. Any thoughts/comments/advice?
  6. I would definitely email them at this point. Especially because of the deadline. Most profs appreciate a friendly reminder.
  7. I also have one school missing GRE scores and one missing transcripts although I know I submitted both months ago. I contacted the admissions department and they both checked and don't have it, so I had to re-send it. A little worried that they won't consider my app since not everything was received in time (even though it wasn't my fault). Anyone have experience with anything like this?
  8. believe in yourself a little more! Hopefully you will get in and you won't even have to worry about applying again
  9. How many programs are you all applying to? I have 10 and am struggling to decide whether I should add one more decent program in an undesirable location just to increase my chances? Is anyone else applying to places where they like the program but not necessarily the location?
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