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  1. Anyone in the 2 year regular standing heard for financial info yet?
  2. Anyone know any info on when UNC sends funding info?
  3. Thanks!! Sure. I had a 3.67 total GPA 3.9 major GPA. I did submit the GRE and had slightly above average verbal and Math and a 5.5 AW score. I was a nontraditional student and have 4.5 years of nonprofit work experience.
  4. Thanks!!! Haven't heard on funding yet.
  5. Got my acceptance to Columbia this evening! Officially heard back from all six schools I applied to! Accepted to: Columbia UNC- CH University of Denver WashU Michigan Penn Still waiting on financial offers from: Columbia ,UNC, Michigan Good luck, everyone!! So thankful for this forum. Can't wait to be classmates with some of you! ?
  6. I applied 11/1! Was accepted to regular standing today.
  7. I'm sure you'll get in!! I'm torn between WashU and UNC currently. WashU has given me a really nice package, so I'll have to see what UNC can provide. I live in the Triangle now though, which makes UNC very appealing. You?!
  8. I received the email about 30 minutes ago (11:45am) I had a 3.67 undergrad G.P.A Nontraditional student, 4.5 years of working in the field I did submit GRE and had slightly above average math and english and a 5.5 AW score
  9. Accepted to UNC this morning ? I applied regular standing.
  10. We're you regular or advanced standing? Congrats!!! That's amazing ?
  11. Definitely in my top two. I live in the triangle now and did undergrad at NC state so UNC is appealing. But I also really like WashU
  12. Still waiting on UNC as well and in getting so impatient!
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