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  1. Yes! I must say, the process of applying to grad schools was invaluable in compelling me to hone my research focus for my honours thesis much earlier than I was expected to (I mean, having to describe my project in my SoPs did acquaint me pretty well with its central ideas), so at the moment, I am much less frazzled about it than my peers. Still, it's an experience for which I've had to fork out just about as much as you did... (Imagine how many books one can buy with that $900!! 😂😩) (I'm really not looking forward to lining ETS's pockets again.) And yes, do take some time off! We certainly deserve it after all the stress that we've put ourselves through, not to mention that breaks will only be harder and harder to come by as one progresses through grad school and beyond. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you as well wrt Villanova, esp since the program seems so perfectly suited to your areas of interest! I really can't wait to see what you'll accomplish in the future!
  2. I am gutted for the both of us too... Though at this point, having done more work on my thesis and gotten a stronger hold on my areas of interest, I'm also quite excited to reapply, knowing that I'll likely be a stronger applicant the second time round! (To be honest, my heart aches most for the exorbitant application fees that have gone down the drain, because that really!! wasn't!! cheap!!! The time and effort that I've spent on my applications hardly feel wasted since I've learned so much about myself, my interests, and academia through this process.) As for my backup plans, I'm not too sure about them yet. I'll be taking a month-long break right after I graduate, just to give myself some breathing room and space to refocus. Beyond that, I might take up either an editorial or a publishing internship (I'm currently looking at one with Taylor and Francis), because if academia doesn't work out for me, I'd probably like to work in those fields anyway. Thank you for your well-wishes, and all the best to you with your future plans! (Also, can I just reiterate how much I enjoyed reading your writing sample? I've bought a copy of My Name is Asher Lev as a result, and it's now on my TBR pile, which I'll definitely get to after the semester ends.)
  3. Seconding these sentiments, especially since you guys have been here since the early days of this thread! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all your backup plans work out for you, and perhaps we might see each other here again next year — hopefully with better news re: phd apps. (I don't know when I'll sign out of this site proper, since I've gotten so invested in everyone else's applications, but I really ought to soon -- maybe after Harvard officially lets me go -- to get my thesis done 😂. I'll probably be back in the summer though, to seek out advice on reapplying, so if anyone has any tips on reformulating SoPs, or on any part of the application process for that matter, I'd be your more than willing audience!)
  4. On that same note, what about Brown? (They should've notified a week ago!) (Then again, I'm not counting on getting in at either places, so perhaps I'd rather not know.)
  5. C20/21 women's life-writing here. It does seem like a rather crowded concentration, though I suppose that's partly due to the diversity of everyone's areas of interest -- not to mention the overlaps that occur more frequently between this period and other cognate disciplines (film/cinema studies, visual culture, theory/philosophy etc), which means that there'll likely be a larger applicant pool for our concentration. (Of course, this bodes well for neither of us, so I'm preparing to be shut-out this cycle...)
  6. Does Columbia not also do as Chicago does and refer some of their applicants to their MA program? Perhaps that's why rejections are staggered. Edit: In which case, it's also time for this meme to return--
  7. Ah, I see some acceptances have been posted on the results board, so I presume I can chalk this up to another no for me...
  8. How'd you find out? Is the adcomm not only meeting today?
  9. Received an invitation from Oxford's Graduate Admissions... ...to complete an "application survey". *shakes fist*
  10. my university needs to stop sending out newsletters and event updates at such ungodly hours in the day (it's 1am here), because the only emails i'm expecting at this time are those from halfway across the world 😩
  11. is anyone -- or their friend or roommate -- willing to start calling schools?
  12. Haven't had any dreams/nightmares about grad school per se, but I'm rereading Paul Saint-Amour's chapter on perpetual suspense in Woolf's novels (vis-à-vis the prospect of total war) for my honours thesis, and it seems I'm trapped in a perpetual waking nightmare 🤷‍♀️
  13. me @ pretty much all my remaining schools this week: won't you be my valentiiiiiine? (let's just hope this week won't cumulate in a tragic heartbreak.) (edit: though, of course, Chicago got there first, so to all the schools attempting to reject me this week, don't even bother trying, because none of you will hurt my soft and fragile heart as much as Chicago did. jk.)
  14. When one of your POIs at Chicago is, in fact, Deborah Nelson and you're not quite sure whether to be pleased at her very complimentary email... rejecting you from the program to which you applied. ?
  15. This!! It was so hard for me to break the news of my first rejection to my mentor, given that he's been nothing but encouraging throughout the process. But he was kind enough to remind me of all the unknowable factors that are in play in the admissions process -- and of the fact that this sort of randomness of chance will only continue to plague us even, and especially, in the job market -- so I suppose that helped to ease my feelings of guilt and disappointment. (Then he told me to get off this forum, but there's no chance that's happening -- not with all the dog pics and memes anyway.)
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