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  1. I never received wolverine access account information either. And when I went back through my junk mail, it’s only saved through the last 30 days.
  2. I had an interview this year! It’s to ask you about weaknesses in your application. I was placed on the waitlist after my interview though.
  3. I’m waitlisted for a MSW program at my dream school. Better than outright rejected! At least I haven’t been yet. I’m applying to one other program but I don’t know if I have a chance there.
  4. I was waitlisted. I wasn’t too surprised! Waitlist is better than not trying at all, which is the route I almost took.
  5. I received my decision from Umich and I was waitlisted. I was expecting a rejection so I’m pleased with a position on the waitlist. This wait will be excruciating and I know the ultimate decision won’t come soon. Until then, I’m trying to keep my mind off things by playing games, reading, and working my two jobs!
  6. I also interviewed in early January and I have yet to hear back. A waitlist is way better than a rejection! I hope everything goes well with your volunteer work. I've volunteered with a crisis line and it was great experience for the future. I'm not sure how my interview went. I was very nervous about my interview and it showed. They didn't tell me ways to strengthen my application or to send updates. I'm a non-traditional student with a lower GPA and I know that is why I was interviewed. I had a career change, and classes I took post-bacc reflected that. I'm honestly shocked I got the o
  7. @A.E.S Thank you! I will hopefully receive news soon! @miler95 Thank you! I'm so happy I got this far and had the chance to interview. I am in state. I'm actually only 30 minutes away from the school! I'm pretty familiar with Ann Arbor too. The interview was a little nerve-wracking but the questions were pretty straight forward. I did fumble on one question but I was very nervous and I'm sure they could tell. It's so scary to interview for something that could change your life. I'm only applying to one other school, a local school (Eastern Michigan University) because moving is not an op
  8. Hey everyone!! I am awaiting a decision from UM. They actually had me interview. I’m non traditional student with a lower gpa. Honestly, I’m shocked I even got an interview! I’m feeling very unsure about the interview. But I received an email from my supervisor, one of my LORs, and she said she talked to someone from student services (who happened to be who interviewed me). She said the conversation was “promising” but I’m not sure how to take this news. They’re calling my recommenders so that could either be a good or bad sign. Thank you for reading my long, anxious post. You
  9. Worries: I heard back from my top school and they want an interview. But interviews aren’t typical for this particular master’s program. I am so nervous and curious to why they want an interview. It could be my less than average gpa (3.1-3.3), the fact it’s been 5 years since I graduated from undergrad and I’ve only held a relevant job 3 of those years, I made a major educational and career goal change or if there is a discrepancy in my supplementary statement. It could be ANYTHING and it’s eating me up inside. Exciting: I wasn’t rejected outright by my top school!
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