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  1. Can those who heard from University of Miami for counseling please message me!!
  2. I emailed admissions and the associate director replied “Invitations to interview have been sent. After interviews have been conducts all decisions will be sent to applicants. However, only those invited to interview are still under consideration for admission. “ so I interpret that as all have been sent already
  3. For anyone who has been waiting on NYU Steinhardt (counseling), all interview invites have been sent out
  4. Short answer is, they don’t fund. I got an offer from them yesterday for the PsyD and I’m waitlisted for the PhD ... but I don’t think I would consider either because tuition is really expensive
  5. Has anyone heard from Nova Southeastern University? I had an interview there in early/mid December and they said they would let us know decisions within the next week or two but I haven’t heard anything...
  6. School: University at Albany Type: Counseling Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/7/19 Type of invite: Mass email Interview date(s): 1/22/19 So excited! This is my second invite. My first one came in November from Nova Southeastern University for their Clinical Psychology PhD program, and I interviewed with them in mid December. Still waiting to hear back from them but hopeful !!!
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