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  1. hi everyone, Just wanted to hear some people’s thoughts and opinions on my current situation.. So I interviewed at a program the first week of February, reached out to my POI a couple days after with a thank you email and also sent one to the my grad student host. This Friday will make it 5 weeks since my interview and I have heard NOTHING from the program. Would it look bad to reach out and ask about my status or should I continue to wait it out? This is literally taking years off my life I think.
  2. slim chance they see this but.. to the person that posted they got a rejection email from LSU, did you interview there?? Sorry that happened :(
  3. Need opinions: Do you think it would be bad to ask how many grad students my POI will be taking during my interview? I'm so curious but not sure if it's a bad question to ask..
  4. Did they mention anything about funding during your interview? I just received an interview invite but their financial situation is a bit concerning
  5. School: Nova Southeastern University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/25 Type of invite: Email Interview date(s): 2/8 anyone know the funding situation of this program???
  6. What’s the general rule of thumb on attire for dinner events the night before the actual interview?
  7. Has anyone that applied to the Child/Family track for University of Miami heard back? Seems like people who applied to the Adult track are the ones hearing back, but I could be wrong..
  8. School: LSU Type: PhD Date of invite: December 5, 2018 Type of invite: Call from current student in lab and personalized email from different student in lab Interview date(s): Feb. 1, 2019
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