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  1. Can confirm: I was snowed most of the weekend and my professor got her flight into Boston-Logan cancelled. The city is pretty frozen right now so I'd be patient!
  2. Hi! I didn't apply to any of these programs, but I am currently in the MA program at Tufts and have had a great experience. If you have any questions about it feel free to DM me!
  3. Well, I just got a rejection email from my first choice program Really not looking good for a couple other schools as well. Trying to stay optimistic, as there are 3 more that I haven't heard from, but hard not to feel pessimistic at this point...
  4. Congrats to everyone hearing back from UF! I didn't get an email so I'm assuming rejection...oh well! In the same boat as you-hoping for good news for the both of us!
  5. Could you DM me as well? Thanks! Also, what area did you apply to?
  6. Also: is there anyone who applied to University of Miami's Pediatric Health Clinical who has heard? Slash knows when we will hear?? I keep seeing people with interviews from Miami and am freaking out over here.
  7. I received an email around the time applications were due (had a snafu with one of my transcripts) and the department admin said we would know if we got an interview by the 21st. Tracking previous years on the Results page, it looks like we should hear in the next couple of days. (Not sure what program you applied to, but I applied to Clinical Child Health track). Anxiously checking my email!
  8. To the person who got an interview from Miami, could you please DM me the POI's initials? Thank you!!
  9. It has been a hot minute since I checked in here...happy to see people progressing on their applications! I spent September studying for and taking the GRE Psychology subject test and retaking the GRE General test. My standard GRE scores weren't as good as the ones I took two years ago (when I applied to Master's programs), so I sent my initial scores off to schools (157 V, 155 Q, 4.0 AW). I'm still waiting to hear back my Psychology scores, since it was a written test and those take longer, but I felt good about it! I also narrowed down my schools that I'm applying to: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, University of Washington, Loyola University Chicago, University of Texas-Austin, Boston University, University of Florida, and University of Miami. All of those are clinical programs, except for UT, which is a school program. I emailed and heard back from PIs at 3 of the schools when I was unsure about whether they were accepting students, so my name is out there! If anyone has any insight to these programs or is applying there as well, feel free to reach out. My plan is to spend October revising my personal statement, nailing down my 3rd recommendation letter (the other two are luckily locked down), and sending off transcripts. I am SHOCKED that some people already have applications submitted-I still think I'm a month out from having anything fully submitted. The second year of my Master's is proving to be much challenging than the first (currently juggling two research labs, my thesis, a class, and applications)! Anyways, best of luck to everyone!!
  10. Thanks for the tips! Do you mind my asking how far in advance of the test you started studying?
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