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  1. I thought Columbia haven't sent out invites yet? Clinical anyway...
  2. Is this thread not kind of redundant? If you get an interview, you're more likely to see requests in this thread.
  3. If the recent UPenn psychology/clinical psychology results posters see this... pleaseeee email me your POI intials. (And congrats btw!)
  4. It would be great to reached out to the other school to check your application- maybe even call to see if you can get an answer ASAP. However, I would absolutely prioritize the interview school.
  5. School: Rutgers University Type: PhD Clinical Psychology Date of Invite: January 12th, 2018 Type of invite: Not an invite, just preliminary correspondence from POI Interview date(s): N/A
  6. If the Clinical Psych person who posted about USC sees this, can you send me your POI initials?
  7. How accurate are their dates? I wish all the colleges were on their so I could start at least presuming rejection
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