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  1. My status didn't change, there was an email directing me to a message on the portal. Status still says "submimitted".
  2. Congrats on your acceptance! For my MFA I remember that the acceptance came in late December, just after Christmas. This PhD thing seems a bit more stressful. I'm waitlisted at San Diego for the PhD in Art History/Practice. From Berkeley (Film/Media studies) and Santa Cruz (Film/Digital Media), dead silence till now.
  4. Man, congratulations on your interview!!!🎉
  5. This section has been dead for a while... Any film/digital media/video/art applications for F19?
  6. Anyone else applied to the UCSD program?
  7. I'm devastated for you brother, really cheering for your acceptance!
  8. Got waitlisted today at UCSD! On a sunday, wasn't even hoping for an answer today. Should I reply to the program director thanking him for the waitlist consideration? Or is it annoying the guy?
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