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  1. A little late to post this, but I'm excited to say I am a semifinalist for beginner Korean. I suppose just a couple of weeks until we hear back?
  2. @worrypower Nice to meet you! Best of luck to the both of us.
  3. For the rest of my apps, I don't imagine I'll hear anything else until next week, if the trends from years past persist. At least, if they are acceptances/waitlists.
  4. Just thought I'd start a thread on this burgeoning field. What disciplines are y'all approaching this from? I'm a Digital Humanist with a background in English Literature, hoping to do grad school in an interdisciplinary humanities/social science program.
  5. alright y'all, my challenge is to not obsessively check the inbox today. thirty times per hour should be pretty reasonable. thoughts?
  6. Two waitlists means I'm super grateful (like for real) but also waiting until, like, April probably.
  7. @IBrakeForVanJohnson Thanks for this. I suppose the wait continues.
  8. I wonder how many people are on these waitlists, and then how they choose from it if there's movement on the shortlist. Any thoughts?
  9. @swarthmawr @halcyonday Waitlisted here, too! Congrats y'all.
  10. @theinforat I found out through an email, also around 2pm CST today as @Sav. Congrats to y'all on the acceptances!
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