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  1. I've seen quite a few Chicago MAPSS post and as a MAPSS alum, here's some thoughts: Overall I came out with mixed feelings about it. I'd recommend it if 1. you get at least 2/3rd tuition funding (Or you are rich enough that finances aren't a constraitnt), 2. you have a good idea of what gaps in your academic training you want to fill in and 3. have some sense of what you want to pursue at Chicago in terms of MA thesis research. Otherwise, you will go in confused and come out more confused after 10 months. Contrary to what MAPSS admin may tell you, there isn't much institutional support; the program itself has no structure; so it really boils down to how proactive you are in terms of thinking about your MA thesis very early on, finding a good faculty to work with, tailoring your course selection keeping in mind PhD apps etc (For some of us, 9 months is just not enough to figure this out well). Also, quite a few of us treated MAPSS as some sort of an extension to our undergrad (like I did to an extent), which meant that MAPSS didn't end up really adding much value to our resumes. That said, my life post-MAPSS turned out just fine (a good research job at a reputed intl think tank) and a now T10 offer, but at least in my case, I doubt if MAPSS really added much. And don't go by the PhD admit statistics they cite in their website (90% admit blah blah doesn't account for selection and we don't know the counterfactual ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).
  2. Rejected from UPenn. <begin rant> Had worked really hard on the app and it seemed like the best fit among all the schools I had applied to given my area interests and methods bent. So kind of disappointed but fortunately I have an acceptance from a "top 10" school in my sub-field, of which I honestly knew nothing about when I applied to; this whole process is so arbitrary I can't even. Still, each new rejection manages to make me feel more like a fraud who barely won by fluke; I guess I will have to work that much harder to prove myself otherwise. Good luck to those who are still waiting for a lifeline or those waiting to hear back from schools of their choice; hope you, unlike me, are better at not pegging your self worth to the marginal whims of tired, tenure-troubled admission committees. <end rant>
  3. Another UCSD Comparative
  4. Duke waitlisted me (for "Political behavior and identities"). Congrats to all those who were accepted at Duke and other places!
  5. Berkeley is doing the same to me and I hate it!! I just want them to reject me at this point so that I can move on :*(
  6. Anyone there still waiting to hear from UC Berkeley? I see that many have posted their rejections and acceptances. Still waiting to hear about mine (for CP)..
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