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  1. if it were me, instead of spending 50k to go through the weird cycle again, i'd do ND since it's a good fit then aim for a nice postdoc after.
  2. I emailed a prof and asked to RA. Then I got hired. So, just reach out I guess? Ask the professors you are close with if they know anyone who needs an RA and just email them?
  3. I'm in a Chicago MA program. If anyone is curious about the program, feel free to slide into my DMs.
  4. I struck out this round. 0/6. *solidarity emoji* to those reapplying next year
  5. Mearsheimer is still taking on students
  6. I wouldn't lose hope just yet. If you can't get feedback from schools you applied to about your application, you might have people who sit / have sat on admissions committees look over your statement if you have to reapply. They would probably be the best ones to ask if there is some glaring mistake. Apparently there is a certain formula and language of writing these things, which I was not totally aware of when I applied.
  7. That's about the same average rent in Hyde Park, with an approximate +/- $200 depending on how nice a place you want. Austin Carson is no slouch either.
  8. Paul Staniland and Ben Lessing are excellent
  9. Can second that -- fantastic person. That would make too much sense. While NU admittedly has some administrative quirks, it is definitely underrated and has many brilliant faculty and grad students. Sucks that you're still sitting in admissions purgatory, though.
  10. To be fair to NU, I think the DGS is still away on fieldwork and has many other administrative responsibilities across other departments.
  11. yoooo congrats!
  12. I feel you. I'm 0/4.
  13. As I understand it, they ask professors and deans to rank schools on a scale of 1-5. That's it. One question. Yet that score still seems to matter more than the professors you work with for success on the market. So it may be 'accurate' to a degree for placement, but I would be skeptical if it corresponded to quality of instruction, scholarship, and so on.
  14. Rejected from CP @ MIT & Michigan.
  15. Princeton Comparative rejection
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