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  1. Just got my rejection! They recommended I apply for MAPH, but not in a condescending way ("if you have not already found a satisfactory option for next year"), so I can't even be mad. Damn.
  2. Very cool - congrats on those! I'm pretty pumped about my CMU offer. Also have some Ph.D. offers in pure math. CMU is interdisciplinary in a similar way to Chicago, but there's more opportunities for math applications research in philosophy at CMU, so I'm very excited.
  3. Just revel in the chaos of unknowing, I guess. Do you have other offers you're excited about?
  4. I think admit is unlikely (they probably already notified those people) and at this point I just want to get an unfunded MAPSS offer like everyone else so I can do an insulted spit-take
  5. I lol'd at the Yale one. Tru from experience Personally found them funny as well..."deep, gently reflecting pool of applicants"...
  6. I understand it's frustrating to feel like you didn't get the heads-up in advance that your odds were even more uphill than before. FWIW, I'm a woman in phil of math/formal epistemology (even more heavily gender skewed than regular phil) and I didn't get an offer from Irvine (or an interview, so it's definitely over for me, as they interview all admitted and most waitlisted LPS kids). Try to focus on the positive--you've already got a great offer, and I'm sure more will come in!
  7. Can someone claim Penn? I saw one on here and one for somebody's SO on the facebook group. Are those distinct?
  8. Congratulations! There are some great faculty at UF.
  9. GPA 3.7 and got into my dream program. (I'm from an elite school though - but didn't have a major in Phil.)
  10. Why has Irvine not sent out rejections??? I know they interviewed wayyy back in January, and I did not get one...c'mon guys...
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