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    Volozo reacted to spacea in Applications 2019   
    Finally got the Harvard HoS rejection as well! Not to be overly dramatic, but that "Unfortunately, enrollment of new students is limited to a small number who are qualified for admission" line is just... is so badly phrased, it really makes it easier to not feel disappointed about not getting in. We all know that far more qualified people apply than they can admit - there is zero reason to phrase it this way, other than optics. Congrats to the admits tho!
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    Volozo reacted to Taorluath34 in Applications 2019   
    Yeah, I feel ya. I keep telling myself the experience of rejections along with the ambiguity for the future is good for me (which... I know it is in a lot of ways), but still is just sucks. Hang in there! 
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    Volozo reacted to chicago_style in Applications 2019   
    The anxiety is a small part of the larger transitional period into grad school... Not knowing where we're going to be in six months, not knowing about living situations, etc. Just knowing anything would be nice? Pretty please? 
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    Volozo reacted to spacea in Applications 2019   
    Same. I applied to 5 schools and have radio silence from all of them so far (two of those I know notify later in March or beginning of April). The silence is terrible, though. It constantly makes me wonder whether it is an implied rejection, or some unofficial waitlist, or just the POI having a tight schedule.
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    Volozo reacted to wluhist16 in Applications 2019   
    Hey guys, 
    I'm a third-year in a PhD program and I lurk on these forums every year...
    Quick advice - as you turn down offers, please remember that if you've done your legwork properly, these are probably big names in your field that you will continue to see and cite for years to come. I turned down an offer three years ago and continue to email that professor regularly. In fact, she reviewed my comps list for me! 
    All this is to say, please keep in mind that academia is a small small world. If you liked these people enough to apply to work with them, you probably want to be able to come back to them over the years. 
    Good luck to everyone! You're almost there!
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    Volozo reacted to daradara in Applications 2019   
    I'm getting nervous about Cornell and I did not even apply. 😅
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    Volozo reacted to Kandykane in Get off grad cafe!!!   
    Get off of here guys. Stop stressing yourselves!! Apps are in just enjoy the wait!!! Go out and party while you wait haha
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    Volozo got a reaction from psstein in Applications 2019   
    Yes, I'm fully prepared for rejection--I'd just like it to be official so I can move on
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    Volozo reacted to confusatory in Applications 2019   
    I just got my first acceptance, everyone! I was getting worried after 4 rejections in a row, but I'm happy to finally have some good news!!
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    Volozo reacted to hctr11 in Applications 2019   
    Hi! Just created an account so I could post. It's been so helpful to read this thread so I feel like I should start contributing! I'm the person who was admitted yesterday. My subfield is more social history of medicine/public health focusing on the Progressive Era, so it sounds a bit different from yours and @spacealienphilosophy. Don't have any more information than that unfortunately, but I'm wishing you both the best! 
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    Volozo got a reaction from spacea in Applications 2019   
    Haha, me too (and having a heart attack over every new email notification)
    Good luck to everyone! If the person who was admitted sees this, would you mind sharing what your sub field is?
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    Volozo reacted to spacea in Applications 2019   
    We probably do!

    I'm actually not sure - I always imagined it would be quite a lot, but I never looked into it! Let us know if you hear anything... I'm just obsessively refreshing the results page, as one does.
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    Volozo reacted to spacea in Applications 2019   
    Hersch is also my POI. You haven't heard any news yet either, right? It seems that last year, most acceptances were sent out on the  14th and 15th...

    From what I heard, they actually have been admitting close to 10 people per cohort (to even out some years when a lot of people ended up declining their offer).
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    Volozo reacted to Anama in Applications 2019   
    @VolozoIt's not my top choice but I'd still like to know sooner than later. I heard that it's a bit of a transdisciplinary program which I am not too keen on. Did you already have someone particular als POI in mind? Looking at last years results there are not too many admits,do you have any info how many new students they admit each year?
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    Volozo got a reaction from Anama in Applications 2019   
    Hi everyone! 
    @Anama I too am waiting on harvard history of science. I made an account here today to unleash some of my anxiety lol
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    Volozo got a reaction from misternovember in Applications 2019   
    Hi everyone! 
    @Anama I too am waiting on harvard history of science. I made an account here today to unleash some of my anxiety lol
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