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  1. Hi! Did you get accepted off the waitlist? I'm on the waitlist still for the Counseling department...
  2. Has anyone rejected their SFSU admission to the MFT program? I'm on the waitlist!
  3. I was wait listed to the MFT Counseling program and my ranking was not listed. They also have not shared this information with me when asked, either.
  4. Congratulations!! I was waitlisted for the MFT program, which I had mixed feelings about but have also heard it is quite competitive. Any idea on when you'll hear back? Congratulations!
  5. Dang, alright. I keep refreshing Gateway/ my email! My friend is in the program and heard back around this timeline. I also heard notifications are sent out 10 weeks from the admission date. Stay strong!
  6. Hi! I haven't heard anything either... applied to MFT in their Counseling Department. You're not alone!!
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