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  1. That is unbelievably stressful! Wow, I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry.
  2. I'm so sorry and I understand! I really hoped I'd ship off the applications and be able to relax, but not even close! This semester I'm not taking any classes, just working and beginning a part-time internship, so I think I'm going to complete my level 1 sommelier training, because it's a personal goal and I have lots of time to study right now. I won't have the time once grad school starts, so why not? It'll also be a great distraction while I wait for decisions to roll out.
  3. Good luck!! You can do it! I had a classmate last year who only applied to one school – ended up on the waitlist – but got in! It was a risk, but a great payoff to avoid spending $1000 on applications for schools he would never actually end up attending.
  4. Good afternoon (depending on your time zone)! How are you all doing? How are you occupying yourself during the agonizing wait for results? Tips for others? What's something positive and awesome that has happened to you this week?
  5. Congrats and thank you for bumping this thread! My interview is in two weeks. Let's hope we get an answer, but please come back and enlighten us after your interview. And good luck!!!
  6. Thank you so much! I really do appreciate that.
  7. I'm nervous about this too. I graduated with my bachelor's from Arizona State with a 4.0, I finished my CSD prerequisites as a post-bacc with a 3.98, but my community college years are haunting me now (10+ years ago – back when I failed a PE class and got D's/retook math classes several times). CSDCAS shows my overall GPA as 3.51 now and I'm very upset.
  8. I'm in the same situation as you (obsessively checking CSDCAS everyday to see if my transcript has been received), so I'm sticking around to see if anyone else has the answer.
  9. Hi there. When you uploaded your personal statement documents into CSDCAS, what type of format did you use? Did you address it to someone at the top (Attn: Graduate Selection Committee)? Did you sign it at the end? Did you include a heading with your name, address, information? Did you include the school's name, address, information in the heading? Or did you just include the body of the personal statement itself? Thank you for the help!
  10. I have known so many outside-major post-baccs who have gone to a few of my dream schools for SLP (very outside majors, such as Art History)! I think it's less about your previous major and more about your involvement and volunteerism, which can be interpreted as the passion you have for this field. As long as you've taken all the necessary prerequisites, they will look at your academic portfolio the same as any other CSD major.
  11. I think two brief sentences is probably fine, but it wouldn't hurt to work on really "selling it." For instance, one of my experiences that I included was a volunteer opportunity where I set up a room with snacks and toys and watched/babysat kids while their parents attended an AAC workshop. Instead of writing that previous sentence as my description, I wrote, "Monitored and played with children on the autism spectrum while caregivers attended Augmentative and Alternative Communication workshop. Created an environment that stimulated learning by setting up room with snacks and toys. Assisted children with eating and other daily tasks to ensure a safe environment." As mundane as a few of your experiences might seem to you, I bet if you really think about it, it gave you skills or experiences grad schools would see as valuable. I found it helpful to continually go back and see if I could improve what I had written. Try looking up a list of powerful action verbs for resumes online and see if you can use a few of them in your descriptions.
  12. Hi futurespeechpath1, we're applying to two of the same schools (Midwestern and St. Xavier)! Good luck!
  13. Hi there! I was a Sociology BS undergrad and I am currently taking my grad school prereqs. I'm taking the last 3 classes this fall and I will be applying to grad school this winter! I emailed my local university (Northern Illinois University) and they were tremendously helpful in getting me on track. With NIU my prereq courseload has been: Phonetics & Phonology Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism Intro to Audiology Acoustics, Music & Hearing Aural Rehabilitation Language Development Clinical Procedures and Professional Issues Assessment Procedures in Communicative Disorders Speech and Hearing Science Neuroscience of Communication and Associated Behavior Developmental Speech and Language Disorders (not required by NIU's program, but required by a few others I'm looking at) Good luck with everything!
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