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  1. Hi Abootaleb, i have also observed the same in application part. but like nasi i didnt ever check it before. Are you sure that you observe this change today?
  2. Is it for PhD program? I have applied for PhD at giessen and hohenheim unversities under DAAD EPOS, no responce since the application receipt email.
  3. Did you apply for PhD program or Masters?
  4. Interview was okay and totally focused on research proposal; i am not very confident about it; though hopeful. status on the portal is really deceptive if you could review the posts from last year on this forum. There was a candidate from Nigeria who got funding even according to her, status never updated after "paper copies received". I have no idea about any added advantage of having prior admission letter. I think it is one of the requirement of daad application to have an acceptance from potential supervisor; otherwise application is not complete. no? good luck!
  5. from which country are you applying? in this forum a few got interview calls for PhD-research grant category. my interview was on 4 Nov, however my deadline was i think 31 august. The progress on application varies from country to country; be positive and hopeful, though it is very nerve shattering process..
  6. Hello, Zeeshan do you know any one in your surroundings who have applied for PhD general grant. i am curious to know any one with changed status like preselection made from Pakistan. I asked from DAAD Islamabad they say that interview outcomes would be announced in Feb.
  7. congratulations, in which category did you apply?
  8. congratulation! at least some progress is being made on your application. I also applied for PhD scholarship, my interview was on 04 Nov, however, my status is still paper copies received. Did you have skype interview or face to face?
  9. hi, Artaud, did you hear from daad? interview held? what is your status?
  10. many thanks Greta for sharing information. May i ask if ZEF was your first choice? Have you applied in any other Phd EPOS program? I had applied in ZEF and IPPAE program at Giessen and Hohenheim Universities. have you got responce from any other institute?
  11. Hi Greta, good luck! I have also applied for PhD at ZEF. I did not received any interview call. How did you get to know that they shortlisted 15 applicants?
  12. hello friends, I have applied for PhD. My interview was on 4th November, 2019. Any other PhD aspirant?
  13. Hi Kevin, I have applied for PhD program at Giessen university and hohenheim under EPOS DAAD. It is long process and i think they would revert back to applicants in Jan/Feb.
  14. Hello friends, i have applied for PhD under DAAD EPOS. i submitted my application on 31september, 2019. any one else who has opted phd program in EPOS.
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