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  1. Sorry to be the barer of bad news - but technically "on or around..." could also be AFTER March 15...
  2. Hey, Not sure I have a good answer for you, but I was wondering what other examples do you have for international policy programs considered STEM? How can I found out if a program is regarded STEM or not?
  3. Did you understand if it will arrive today?
  4. Got in to the program, but no funding at all. Quite disappointing since I wont ever be able to fund my studies. Those admitted- have any of you received financial aid?
  5. Did they write that there were 75 ppl per spot?
  6. Anyone here apply to Stanford’s Knight Hennessy program? Did you hear anything yet? After applying to your graduate program, did you receive any acknowledgment from KH?
  7. Ok that makes sense! thank you!!
  8. Hey, Might be a very basic question, but I constantly see in the decision section of the website people writing things like: 3a/1wl/1r/1p What does this mean? Thanks!!
  9. Just got a letter of admission to Fletcher! Super happy!! Now the long wait for financial aid
  10. Did you guys submit GRE scores to Fletcher? I didn’t and not sure if I should.
  11. Not officially, but I was on a virtual session in which they said decisions usually come out mid-December.
  12. I applied to Fletcher. Didn’t make the SIPA early notification deadline.
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