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  1. I might go crazy if I have to do classes from home with both of my roommates working from home. I can't handle it
  2. I'm sure most colleges are thinking of it. I even got an email from a place I rejected asking if I'd consider still attending if I could defer my admission for a year! Everything is screwed up with the virus. I reallllllly want to be able to do in-person classes in the fall but I guess we'll have to see how it goes.
  3. SF State: https://www.facebook.com/groups/230251545014169/
  4. I already turned in my resignation for teaching for next year so I feel like I have to start grad school in the fall. I'm going to hate if I have to do it online but realllllly hoping that won't happen. Ugh this stresses me out like you wouldn't even believe. I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy if I was still stuck in my house doing things online in the fall
  5. I declined Northeastern and am going to decline JMU and probably Edinboro though they've been so welcoming it breaks my heart a little bit! They offered a partial tuition waiver and other things too so hopefully someone else benefits from that! Just need to sleep on it one more night 😬
  6. I considered both too! If I had gone into social work, I wouldn't have needed an extra year of school to get my second bachelor's in communication disorders. I also feel like social work is very flexible, and there is a lot you can do as a social worker! Ultimately I decided to go into speech pathology, mainly for the higher salary. I teach now and didn't want to go to grad school for two years to make a lower salary than I make teaching! I also felt like I didn't have the super caring, calm, empathetic demeanor that good social workers have and so ultimately wouldn't be good in the field. Th
  7. Oh damn, that sucks. I went to the virtual office hours for grad school questions a couple weeks ago and asked them about the decision deadline because the acceptance didn't say, and they told me they'd delayed it till June 1st because of the whole coronavirus situation. However that wasn't the department so I'd definitely make sure if you plan to wait before accepting. SF State also weirdly didn't charge a deposit or anything for accepting so Idk how ethical it is but I guess you could always just accept and cancel later... Message me if you want to talk more! I know little about the pro
  8. Anyone else planning to go there??
  9. I juuuust got rejected by them. I wasn't planning to go there, but still hate getting rejections. Oh well
  10. I applied to 8. I got interviews with all of them, and so far I've gotten into 4. Have one interview upcoming, 2 I haven't heard back yet, and one I accidentally missed the interview due to a time zone diff so didn't make it. I wish I'd saved money and applied to less.
  11. The week of April 13th?! Almost all schools require you to accept their offer by April 15th. That seems super late...
  12. Congrats! I got mine yesterday. It's probably my top choice but I'm not accepting it just yet either. Do you know if the date we have to accept by is April 15th for them? Their emails don't mention it. Also, should we start sending them official copies of our transcripts and GRE scores?
  13. I got that too so I'm trying to make a Skype account but keep getting an error message saying "Sorry, Skype isn't available right now." I don't know if there are too many people using it or what but I've been having the problem for hours!!
  14. I interviewed with them the same day as you and haven't heard anything. I'm not holding my breath for a decision from them though - their interview process left me with a pretty negative impression of their program.
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