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  1. Did anyone apply to Memorial University's PsyD program and hear anything back?
  2. I would highly recommend not including that, especially if you're applying to PhD programs. Focus on the research you would like to do rather than the clinical work as usually the people admitting you are focused on research, not clinical practice. If you do include it, do it in a single sentence like an earlier poster suggested. Do not make it into a long story as its going to hurt your application. There's a research article called the "Kiss of Death" which looks at things you should not include in your application. I attached the article below. https://psychology.unl.edu/psichi/Graduate_School_Application_Kisses_of_Death.pdf I'm sorry about your friend.
  3. I am not sure about the USA and the requirements to register as a psychologist. But, in Canada, you NEED an undergrad in psychology, typically an honours, but you can get in without one if you have completed other major research projects. The reason a psychology degree is required to be accepted is because you are required to have an undergraduate degree in psychology to register as a psychologist within Canada as part of the Canadian Psychological Association requirements--which is based on the APA so it may very well be the same. Again, I can't say its the same in the states, but I would look closely into that because you have need to do an undergrad in psychology to go on the clinical path.
  4. I know for Dal that they had a 14 person short-list in which they interviewed starting early December. Of those, 5 to 8 will get offers and I would assume that the remaining people would be the ones wait-listed to fill any later openings if the first offers choose to go elsewhere.
  5. Hey, I also applied to Dalhousie and had an interview in mid December. I heard there were 14 people short-listed for interviews and they offer 6-8 positions depending on the year. Let me know if you hear anything back! Your application sounds better than mine, that's for sure. Fingers crossed we will be in the same cohort!
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