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  1. Rejected from PhD (Sociology was my SS), accepted for MSW (I applied for admission to both). Not surprised & frankly kind of relieved! haha
  2. I called on Friday of last week and they said they still had not made a decision on my application, but assured me I would hear by March 1. Still waiting.
  3. I just got accepted into the Indiana University School of Social Work at IUPUI! I know it's not relevant to 99% of you, but thought I would share anyways. No financial aid info yet. Still waiting on UIC fin aid too.
  4. Wow, congratulations!!! Can I ask what your stats are?
  5. Ahhhhh, I am getting SO impatient. I applied to UChicago Advanced Standing, but more specifically I applied to the Joint AM/PhD track. I understand it's fairly common to hear back regarding just the MSW part first and then hear back about the PhD part, so I was really hoping to hear back about my AM admission along with other advanced standing applicants, but no such luck.
  6. Oops. It must've been a 5.5 then. I sent my GRE scores directly so no worries on applications.
  7. I am also waiting on IUPUI! Are you from Indy? I am & I'm eager to hear back. Hopeful for solid financial aid.
  8. Yeah so I called UChicago and they transferred me to Theodore Barnes, the Assistant Director of Admissions. I had to leave a voicemail for him. I kind of chickened out and left a very awkward voicemail saying he didn't have to call me back because I'm sure he is very busy. It was not my finest moment hahaha. I was just so flustered that they sent me to someone so high up. I assumed I would be talking to a student worker or something.
  9. Has anyone been brave enough to call UChicago?
  10. Mine hasn't changed and doesn't seem to be ready anytime soon so maybe that is the key.
  11. I just called Michigan and got the "by March 1st" memo.
  12. I tried for that combo but I haven't heard back. Honestly I am 100% certain I won't get in, but I gave it a try!
  13. Thanks Zayah, that's so kind! UChicago is my top pick, but only if I'm offered substantial financial aid. I'm not willing to go $70,000 into debt over a 1 year degree. UIC and IUPUI are priced similarly - even though UIC is out of state for me. Not sure which of those two I would pick if they are my main options. I'm having a hard time deciding whether or not I should stay in Indianapolis (mostly because of family/life circumstances, professionally it's a no brainer to move to Chicago). UofM I'm really not sure about. Great program obviously, but I really value city life and being surrounded b
  14. Hey all! I've been reading this forum for months but just created an account to be able to post today. I'm graduating with my BSW in May from the University of Indianapolis and I have applied to some MSW programs and some MSW/PhD programs for Fall 2020. Stats: 3.985 GPA, GRE: 157V, 150Q, 6.5AW. Two practicums & completing independent research project with Honors College. I applied to IUPUI for just an MSW on 11/19 - haven't heard back. I applied to UIC for just an MSW on 11/19 - heard back yesterday by calling their office to inquire about decision. Was accepted!! They to
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