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  1. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gotten it together and applied to 10 or more PhD programs this cycle and been more intent on it. (aka, I would have gotten my sh*t together sooner)....I also hate the idea of taking out a lot of loans for the MA I got into, but with everything going on right now, I think it may be worth it. I'm hoping that if I can get an MA it will help improve my application for the next round of PhD applications. And if I don't get into a PhD program next cycle, I'm hoping the MA can help me get a more relevant job, hopefully some sort of research job, until I can fight my way into a PhD program...idk. This is all so stressful.
  2. I'm very nervous how things will play out now. Just before things started getting really bad I submitted a petition to have my funding increased, and I haven't heard back yet. I'm afraid with everything going on they may not increase my funding at all, or it may be a while yet before I hear back. I'm definitely regretting a lot of things right now and am worried about every little detail in my emails I sent. The longer it takes the more I over-analyze everything 😭 I'm also afraid how this will affect PhD applications next year or the following year, as I'm only going for a MA right now.
  3. I only applied to the MAPSS with a Soc concentration, but I just got my acceptance letter on the website!
  4. I got accepted!!! I only received 1/3 tuition...I'm not sure who to contact to try and negotiate it and when I should begin trying to do that...
  5. Hi! I actually applied for the MAPSS with a concentration in Sociology for this coming fall. I'm super nervous because I'm thinking we should hear back today or tomorrow. So, I can't answer your questions, but was curious if you did end up applying and if you've heard anything yet!
  6. I would like to, but am in the same boat of not knowing who to ask. Also, with how many applications they received, I'm not sure if any of them will be able to give any feed back and I'll just look silly for asking.
  7. Thank you! I really appreciate this information. These next two weeks of waiting are going to kill me.
  8. Hopefully you will get better news from somewhere else soon!
  9. I was just rejected from my fourth and final PhD application so I feel ya. 😅
  10. Do you possibly know approximately how many individuals receive at least 2/3 tuition? I was a direct applicant to MAPSS with a concentration in sociology this year for Fall 2020. I am currently waiting on my admission decision, but am incredibly nervous about funding. I really would love to go here if I'm accepted, but I'm not sure I can swing it without full or at least 2/3 tuition being funded, so I want to be prepared. Also, are you aware if people can/have successfully negotiated better funding?
  11. I'm just ready to get this last decision over with !! UGH
  12. I'm taking a Social Networks class right now for fun and we are using the 4th addition of Social Network Analysis by John Scott as our textbook. It covers the history, main theories, and research techniques of SNA pretty well and serves as a good introduction to the field. I don't think it's a bad book at all, especially if you're into reading textbooks like me 😀 (plus it's a lot cheaper than some alternatives, although probably not quite as good as those)
  13. Yes! It's so important not to forget our worth in this process! Many amazing, talented, and skilled students get rejected from amazing programs for arbitrary reasons.
  14. Hopefully! I'm waiting on another decision that may come late next week or early the following. I'm so sick of waiting. Maybe next week will be a good one for both of us!
  15. From the past few years results it looks like they usually send most acceptances on a Monday or Tuesday, then rejections on Wednesday and later. But since no one has even posted about an acceptance from Duke I wonder if it'll be next week before decisions come out...hmm...
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