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  1. Me neither... Just the same page as before.
  2. OMG thanks for the info. I am gonna check my portal now. Wish me good luck
  3. Hi everyone! I just received the email and got admitted to MA in Developmental Psychology with $3500 scholarship!! Anyone who is also in this program?
  4. I got 10k merit scholarship but they did not offer me a GA position. But I guess we have to apply for those positions?
  5. Thanks Dann! Good luck to your application! Hopefully we will meet at Penn
  6. Hi! I just received the offer of ISHD! Did Penn host an open house for admitted students? Or it is the same one on Mar.7 for all prospective students?
  7. I just got the offer from M.Ed. in ISHD! FYI, the process for my application was approximately 3 weeks. No interview and there was an email saying I could check the decision on the website. Good luck to everyone else!!
  8. Is there anyone applying to MA in HDP? I haven't heard anything now. Is there an interview?
  9. Hi @Ran_Chen! Can I ask how long does your admission process go? When did you receive your interview after the date they started to review? Thanks!
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