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  1. A fair bit of Canadians do this but we have the benefit of relatively generous funding for MAs. I'm considering it and I know of at least 2 people (probably more, haven't had the time to really poll them about it) in my incoming cohort who plan on going to law school after. I imagine the acceleration of funding being pulled and opportunities being lost due to the pandemic has added to this as more and more people are deterred from pursing a PhD.
  2. If your grad cohort is large enough, there is almost certainly someone in it, if not multiple, who has committed sexual assault. I know that's different than a conviction, but they still did a very serious crime.
  3. You might have more luck posting this in the math section, people there will have an idea of the practices of departments
  4. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge about the MA program at McMaster? Was accepted there last week.
  5. Have very mixed feelings right now. My top MA school has put out acceptances, haven't been rejected didn't hear from them so I assume I'm gonna be hit by that fat R soon enough. One of my very good friends got in, however, so I'm at least feeling good for her!
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