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  1. Hey folks... love this thread and the specificity of the answers I see on here. Definitely looking for feedback and thoughts on how I can increase my competitiveness given that my top program has just decided to wait on accepting new Phd candidates until the fall 2022 term due to COVID. This gives me some time to consider if I need to do anything to up my chances, what I can do to get there, etc. So here goes: I'm applying to a narrow list of schools as there really are only a few that are doing research in my interest area (especially within the top 20 which everyone continues to
  2. Hey folks I've actually got a few of questions under that more general heading I've titled this post with. They're listed and explained a bit below. 1. Best programs to explore that fit my interests Generally speaking, I'm looking to conduct policy-relevant research in the field of environmental security. Research Focus: I'm particularly interested in the relationships between regional environmental change and specific sub-national conflict dynamics related to armed groups, polarization between conflict parties, and national governance in developing states, as well as how enviro
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