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  1. Hi! for the CCV, I added my in-progress honours thesis under "thesis and dissertations." However I noticed when I preview the CCV this shows up under publications, but my thesis is not published. Is it still okay to have this included or should I remove it? Thank you
  2. I started in a diploma program over 4 years ago that I did not complete, would I include transcripts for that too? It seems irrelevant so I would assume no, but I thought I should check anyways. Thank you for your help Vanessa!
  3. Yes I am. And okay perfect! I noticed it says to include transcript of transfer credit, so I should include that in addition to my bachelor's transcript correct? Thank you!
  4. Is there a specific title we should have for our outline of proposed research document? Or can we just call it: "outline of proposed research" Also, in the CCV, do we included transfer credit? Even if it was added to our degree? Do we need to include ALL past post-secondary education, even if it was not completed or irrelevant to the application?
  5. For CGS-M, do we submit our proposal and our references/bibliography in the same document? and upload to the "outline of proposed research" section? If not, where do we upload our references?
  6. Also, can you include your thesis if it's in progress? What does 'invited' mean for conferences/symposium? Thanks!
  7. No you copy and paste your personal statement. I believe it can be 1-2 pages long. There is no where to upload it after you submit.
  8. For those of you who are applying to two or more programs at one school (eg. clinical and school/counselling), are you listing that you are applying to CGS-M on both applications, but only indicating one program on the CGS-M application?
  9. After I asked this question I confirmed it with 2 faculty member's at U of C. Apparently the website it just very unclear, so they are likely going to update in the future. But yes, I was told that they require a study proposal
  10. It does say "positions not directly related to one's research activities", so where would we indicate volunteer RA positions that are directly related to our research activities? Thanks!
  11. For the CCV, where do we input volunteer research positions (ie., research assistant)?
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