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  1. Stay positive! You've cleared the biggest hurdle by getting the interview invite, now just show them how great you are!
  2. Hi all! We know this time is full of uncertainty, which can be very stressful! I can share my personal experience, which is certainly not all-encompassing, on the timing of interview invite notifications. The cycle that I applied, I received all of my invites between 12/13-1/15. It's still early given this timeline and I'm sure many programs are running a bit behind this year due to the strange circumstances of the pandemic. I know this won't solve any anxieties, but hopefully there's a bit of comfort in having some more (albeit very little) information. All the best, SNAA
  3. Hello future colleagues! SNAAP is a new program run by graduate student and post-doc volunteers in the Stanford neuroscience community. For the 2021 cycle, we are pairing prospective neuroscience PhD students with 1 on 1 mentors to work on interview prep, expectation setting, and general tips and tricks. We also intend (if there's interest) to run ask-me-anything style panels and host office hours for drop-in help and mock interviews. Find out more and sign up by visiting us on Twitter @Stanford_AAP. Next year, we will run the full gamut of application assistance activities. So, if
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