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  1. People have been getting news on random days, it seems to follow no particular pattern so far, which makes it even harder to figure out!
  2. I'm also waiting for advanced standing news, I don't know if it is alphabetical but my last name starts with S so maybe later to get my news? Not sure lol, just hopeful it comes today so I don't have to keep waiting next week.
  3. I'm sorry to hear your news all, don't be discouraged! We are competing against some pretty amazing people! Keep trying and don't give up till you get in, that's my mantra!
  4. I would love to know the same! At this point, I just want to know so I can have an idea of what my remaining options are. No news is the worst.
  5. I also applied for may 2021 advanced standing, I know a lot of the people in here applied for foundations, to be honest I'd be flattered just to get on the wait list I think that's an achievement in itself given the competition we have to go up against.
  6. Me too, hang in there! Are you also waiting for advanced standing or foundations?
  7. They told me by the end of this week or next week at the latest!
  8. I am waiting on advanced standing news, hopefully today. Me too!! Dying for that email to come in!
  9. Me too!! Dying for that email to come in!
  10. All I know is that their targets for offers going out is January
  11. I applied for Laurier’s online part time MSW and still haven’t heard either, waiting game!
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