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  1. I’m really sorry about your brother. The aftermath of suicide is a devastating place to be, and I wish you and your family peace as you process your loss. It is incredible that you applied to PhD programs in the wake of such a tragedy. I don’t think I could have done that. I am in awe of your fortitude.
  2. Ok- these emails are messing with my mind! I’m just waiting for any news from BU then I get an email from “BU Graduate School Admissions” with the first three words being “We are thrilled” just to get some generic invite 😒 so annoying. I decided to sign up for this upcoming one just to see if we get any info on when we should hear back from them. I have never attended one before and I’m not sure if there is really any benefit in attending them.
  3. I also applied to Brown HSR PhD. No news yet. I’m assuming I’m not getting an interview from them.
  4. I don’t know if they have sent out ALL of the interview invites yet, because it may vary by department. But they reached out to me ~8 days ago and I had an interview with them this week. As for BU, I saw that one person got a rejection, but I haven’t seen anyone else get any info back from BU.
  5. Congrats! And thanks for letting me know 😊 I applied for the pharmacoepidemiology & pharmaceutical outcomes research track.
  6. 😊 I haven’t read/heard of anyone hearing back from Brown Epi yet about recruitment day. Do you know of anyone who has heard back from Brown Health Services Research? (Also wondering if I should cross that one off...)🙃
  7. Awesome- thanks for clarifying
  8. Sure thing! UNC: Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy; Harvard: Population Health Sciences Pharmacoepidemiology
  9. How do you know that Brown’s recruitment day is the 22nd?
  10. Hi- I thought I would create a profile rather than just keep lurking. I applied to several PhD programs, some within schools of public health and others within schools of pharmacy. Interviews done or scheduled at: UNC (pharmacy), Harvard (public health), UW (pharmacy), Maryland (pharmacy) Waiting to hear back: Columbia (public health), Brown (public health), Yale (public health), Stanford (public health/clinical), Johns Hopkins (public health), Emory (public health). I would love to know if any of you have heard back from the programs I am waiting on. Thanks and good luck
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