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  1. No extra funding for me either ☹️
  2. Same here! I got an extra bump of $3k for the fall semester (presumably renewable the following fall).
  3. There’s a group of us on the SIPA admitted students page who connected and are discussing this dilemma! The biggest concern I have is if classes will be virtual / vaccination rates will be high in France in the fall.
  4. Thanks all! Disappointing, but understandable. I’ll need to do some number-crunching to decide which program makes the most sense for someone interested in domestic health policy given my funding options.
  5. Have any students who were admitted without funding been able to negotiate aid from HKS? I have funding from SIPA (33%), UChicago (50%), Wagner (50%) and McCourt (50%) for leverage.
  6. Accepted here as well - thrilled!! But no news on funding - does anyone know how that news is shared?
  7. Thank you! Yes, I graduated in 2017 and so I had a 4 year gap. I’ve been interested in an MPP/MPA since I was a senior, and my professors strongly recommended that I take a few years off prior to applying to grad school to gain relevant experiences. This was not only to improve my chances / save money for entering grad school, but also to make me a stronger candidate for higher level jobs after graduation since I will be competing among my peers. My work experience also factored heavily into my SOP, so I believe it was beneficial for admissions.
  8. Of course - American student with 168V/161Q 5.0AW, 3.7 GPA from top 5 public university, double majored in undergrad. Work experience is 2 years Peace Corps and 2 years social impact consulting. Best of luck! From what I’ve heard on this forum, next year should be a more promising cycle for acceptances and scholarships.
  9. Hi! I’m in the same boat - choosing between this program, UChicago MPP and Georgetown MPP. I was also accepted to SIPA’s two year program and NYU and am waiting to hear back from HKS.
  10. Congrats on your admission to SIPA! But I imagine it must be bittersweet. I received an acceptance today for the dual degree, but there was no information about financial aid. Hoping to negotiate carrying over my financial aid offer from the two year degree.
  11. I was an Early Admit back in December and received an email “Your Decision is Ready to be Viewed Online”. I checked my portal and had a new letter added offering $20k/yr for a total of $40k/yr for the degree! I’m very excited because the process for scholarship consideration was so confusing for early admits, given that some were offered funding back in December. I also applied for the International Fellows Program but didn’t hear back anything specific from them. Still waiting to hear back from my top choice, the dual degree with Sciences Po!
  12. I also applied for the dual degree program! I was accepted to SIPA in December with the Early Action group, but am eagerly waiting for a response from Sciences Po for the dual degree program.
  13. Also curious! I was admitted to Harris, Wagner, and McCourt so far and received the same financial aid offer (50% tuition) from all three, so I don’t have a higher offer to leverage. I do have a career update (new project relevant to my policy interests) I am planning on sharing. Still waiting on SIPA’s financial aid offer and HKS.
  14. No, I emailed them in January to ask if early action candidates would be under consideration for funding in March. Good luck to you too!
  15. For those that are anxiously awaiting - the early action decisions were released at 7:48 PM EST. Some applicants were given scholarship decisions at that time, others (like me!) were told “we have not completed the awarding process. If selected for SIPA funding you will be notified in March, however if you are not selected you will not receive any confirmation”. So I am waiting with all of you hoping additional early action funding decisions may be released today!
  16. No news here either - I’m hoping they’re waiting to release them with SIPA’s results this afternoon/evening, but I know that’s the middle of the night in Paris.
  17. Thank you so much for the super detailed response! That is really reassuring - the program is my top choice and I would love the opportunity to spend a year in France.
  18. Is there any hope that the acceptance emails are sent on a rolling basis throughout the day? 🙃
  19. Makes sense - good luck with your SIPA decision!
  20. Did you apply to the Sciences Po MPP separately from the dual degree program? I applied (to the dual degree only) back in November prior to their early admission deadline but never heard back - I assumed the dual degree admissions would be released in just one batch with the Columbia decisions.
  21. They told me that enrolled students can apply for GA / RA roles over the summer and start at the beginning of the semester!
  22. I haven’t heard back yet either! Hoping to hear back on Friday and starting to think through if it would be a good academic fit in addition to fulfilling my desire to live in Paris and travel again after COVID!
  23. Resurrecting this thread - what is everyone’s opinion of the Sciences Po / Columbia SIPA dual degree? Given how affordable Sciences Po is, it would be more cost effective than a two year degree at SIPA. Does completing your second year at SIPA outweigh the concerns about Sciences Po’s career support, or would it be too challenging to secure a strong internship placement over the summer? Would it not matter if Sciences Po is less well known in the US if I could lean on SIPA’s reputation? Any thoughts on integrating back into SIPA’s community my second year?
  24. I also received 27k per year in the early decision round, so that must be one of their scholarship tiers this year. More recently, I received an email offering me a research assistantship job for the upcoming school year.
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