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  1. Yes, I asked about this because usually they would offer second and sometimes third. And they said that they calculated a "rate" of rejection in their offers. Which still doesn't make sense, what if more or less people decline the grant? I got to say that the process feels less transparent through the years...
  2. Don't be too hard on yourself ! 3.8/4 is GOOD. I also had shitty grades in one of my undergrad (thanks to multiple members of my family passing away during my finals in one semester), but now that you are a grad, they are looking at much more. Do you have publications (including professional - The Conversation and University Affairs are a good place to start), conferences (now most are online and cheap, you could present research, theoretical framework, even a class research project !), do you do TAs or RAs, have you helped your community (community services), etc. I still remember how sad my
  3. Hey guys! This year, I was ranked 4th and there were only 3 grants available. I have the Titanic song in my head (neeeaaaaar faaaaaar) lol. There used to be a "waitlist", but it seems that they don't do it anymore. They would announce it as "additional funds available" and offer it to next people in line in some areas. Not confirmed by FRQ. What they do with the money if someone declines ? That is a mystery. Anyway, to whoever was rejected I am so sorry for the bad news, it is a very bias system. Same goes for CRSH, it is simply not making sense. @MarleyBarley, if you look at your g
  4. Hey folks! Today is FRQSC results time. As I didn't get a grant, but was next in line (3 grants, 4th place), do you know if they still offer the grant to the next person in line if someone has to refuse it (let's say because they got the CRSH) ? That also goes for CRSH : anybody heard if waitlists are still happening?
  5. Hey guys ! A big and honest congrats to everybody who got funded, it IS deserved and I hope you will celebrate :). I got a 14.46/20, committee 3, and didn't get funded. If you are curious : I have 3 published scientific papers and 6 published professional papers, 15+ scientific and professional conferences, 4 TAs and RAs, 7 doctoral grants, I was a semi-finalist for the Trudeau foundation scholarship, I have 7 years of professional experience in my field and have a GPA of 9.4/10. My research also falls under one of the SSHRC priorities. If you ask me : I don't understand ho
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