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  1. Was your previous statement proofread by several people, revised, and edited? Assuming that your original statement was well-written, I think it’s okay to reuse quality pieces. Your new statement should be updated to reflect how you’ve grown in the last year, however. Keep in mind that there's always room for improvement. If something didn't work for you the first time around, then submitting a completely identical application wouldn't make a whole lot of sense.
  2. Yes! The discord server is anonymous. We offer peer review but take measures to ensure members’ privacy. And there are a few PhD students on there that offer advice and answer questions, as well as repeat applicants who are more than willing to share what they’ve learned from previous cycles. The server has been a very positive environment where members can find resources, as well as get feedback and emotional support and encouragement from peers navigating the same space.
  3. here, try this one instead: https://discord.gg/eJ6fneRqfN
  4. This might be because a lot of people have opted to be active on the discord server instead. Feel free to join: https://discord.gg/wEcFTwxzNy
  5. did you try both links? anyway, here's another: https://discord.gg/q5q9zb2uBg
  6. @lattekitty Feel free to join the discord. The link Lindsay posted (https://discord.gg/DyWyHUVD) should still work, but in case it doesn't: https://discord.gg/q5q9zb2uBg
  7. Are you considering clinical psychology PhD programs at all? What were the profiles of the grads who successfully went on to PhD programs afterwards? While most programs expect that you will have some clinical experience, the focus is largely on research experience.
  8. Hello! I'll be starting the Psychology M.S. program at UT Dallas in the fall. If anyone else is doing the same, please reach out because I'd love to connect with others who are on the same path!
  9. Hello everyone! I’m a senior graduating this month with a BSc in psychology. I reside in Texas and plan on applying to clinical psychology Ph.D. programs. For the time being, however, I am taking a gap year in an attempt to build my CV and make myself a more competitive applicant. I was wondering if there are any psychology students in Texas who are following a similar path (applying to clinical Ph.D. programs in the Fall of 2021 or 2022) who would like to connect online to share experiences, support, strategies, and advice. Feel free to DM me or comment on this thread if you're interested!
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