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  1. Finally got rejected from UCSB after they made me wait for a month and half after all other applicants had been notified, saying that I was one of their 'top applicants' and it was mainly a matter of funding. Well, I guess that's how life rolls. I'm probably headed to UT Austin this fall. Anyone else going there?
  2. I remain entirely unconvinced about the validity of tiers and ranking in our field. We're not seeking an MBA here. For someone who's interested in South Asian Cinema, Harvard is clearly a misfit even if it's on top of everybody's ranking scale. It makes so sense whatsoever to apply there. Even if a certain school has an extremely renowned scholar in your sub field, he or she might not be the ideal supervisor for you- it depends on so many things, your background, what you intend to study, your interests in the faculty, their interest in you, the PhD trajectories each school follows, what kind
  3. Hey, Don't feel confused about the funding, i was in the exact same position as you - till I realized yesterday that the package consists of 9 months of TA stipend and a part tuition waiver. Which means most students are expected to pay around 1600 USD per semester out of pocket as tuition. Most of the current grad students are on loans. I don't really know yet where this leaves me, because I was very keen to accept this offer, but I definitely have to do some serious thinking now.
  4. Hi, I thought I'd start a conversation for those of us who are considering UT Austin for our PhDs this fall. I've been accepted into the film studies PhD and would love to hear from others grads who are thinking of moving there, stuff about the city, housing, funding, costs of living, the entire shebang. And if anyone else is thinking about joining the Department of Radio-Television-Film, would love to hear from you! Thanks!
  5. Yes! I do. I'm kind of 80% sure I'm accepting my PhD offer from UT Austin, department of radio-television-film. Anyone else out there?
  6. Just heard from UT Austin's Radio television and Film department, I'm in! They've sent out 8 admits, has anyone else here heard from them? There's one more acceptance posted on the results database, would anyone like to claim it? I'd be really interested in talking about UT Austin, as I'd given it the least amount of thought in the entire application process and nearly not applied because I didn't hear back from professors there.
  7. Umm...the reason I applied there was that I thought I was a good fit with the department, a number of people are working closely on areas I'm interested in (Bhaskar Sarkar, Christina Venegas, Charles Woolfe, Micheal Curtin) and I would love to have them as my supervisors. I'm familiar with most of their work as well. I've been out of school for nearly three years now, so can't advise you on prestige, but I did email a couple of current PhD students and they told me wonderful things about department culture, resourcefulness and helpfulness. Funds are always a big problem with public unis, espe
  8. For those still waiting to hear from UCSB, I got an email from the graduate coordinator - turns out, they've sent out all their rejects, they're still waiting for clarification on their funding before they can consider admitting me and a few others in my position. So it's okay to keep your fingers still crossed.
  9. That's weird, why haven't I been notified by either of these places about my application status?! I'm guessing it's definitely a reject, but its nice to have some closure.
  10. it's strange some people have heard from UCSB in early feb, I still haven't, nothing on the website too. Any updates on NYU (Stienhardt), RTF at Texas or USC Critical Studies?
  11. 'What's plan B" 'You must keep your options open' 'March-April? You hear from schools that late?'
  12. Same. I haven't yet received my scores in the mail but all my schools have gotten them.
  13. I gave my test on 13th sept, I can see my scores online but I still haven't received them in the mail. Also the online report says the scores are not valid to send to an institution. What should i do?
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