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    Eboni_Rain reacted to sculptor in MFA 2012 Decisions!!   
    Going to LSU! I love the program, people, and opportunities there--I'm so happy!!
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to smartstrategy in MFA 2012 Decisions!!   
    For all you peeps trolling this Forum in the future...

    Though I am sure I have missed some (and please, if you got an offer not listed here, or you know of another, please add to it), these are the programs I found to have the best funding. In NO particular order:)]"

    Great information...

    You might want to put this information in a separate thread to make it easier for others to find in the future....
    Thanks for sharing it.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to miyamoto81 in MFA 2012 Decisions!!   
    Congrats to everyone who has made deicions - and just to jump in on the reputation debate, it's interesting that a thread from last year was (assumedly by accident) commented on and therefore brought up to date. If you look at it, the person outlines artists showing at major galleries and which schools they went to. A lot of them come from top schools. However, Cal Arts graduates 524 people each year in all of their programs. How many of those people become stars in their chosen field? I'm not convinced that going to a name school ensures anything other than a lot of debt. Name schools have the luxury of being able to choose people with talent, and those talented people may have become well known regardless. LaToya Ruby Fraizer, who is in this years Whitney Biennial, went to Syracuse - and coincidentally, teaches at Rutgers. Tam Tran, a 2010 biennial artist, graduated from Tennessee. Furthermore, I agree with OutWest, that we all should be learning Portuguese and Mandarin - though I would also add Arabic to that list. The Middle Eastern Art Market is set to boom. New York and L.A. will always be staples in contemporary art. But the notion of the outsider is continuing to establish itself from a movement into a mainstay.

    My point/rant being: that yes, going to a name school can help you. But when everything is said and done, it will be up to you to make your own career happen. And it's arguable that it might be easier to do so without $100,000 worth of debt.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to OutWest in MFA 2012 Decisions!!   
    Hi guys, looks like mostly familiar faces here

    Yeah, as per my Signature, I sent my Letter of Intent off to UCLA about two weeks ago, so I'm done.

    I'll post on here (and in the Freak Out Forum) a list of programs for people of the future who troll these Forums of all the well-funded programs I found through the whole nation...

    ...that beign said, I have to disagree with "kodiak...", above, and say go for the best program that ALSO has the best funding you can get. CalArts is insanely expensive and NO program is worth 100+K, period. You have to balance the two things (coolness, and your financial future). I think "miyamoto's" decision to opt for more financially secure programs is wise. Plus, being near NYC will do him fine (though, I wish I would have heard he was going to Alfred!) Point being, as I've harped on before, it's an artist's willingness to make his/her own connections and push their own art that will get them noticed...sure, there's excellent people at the top flight schools, but plenty of people graduate from CalArts (and Yale, and UCLA, and MICA, and...) and go nowhere.

    Best of luck and much love to you all! It's been a great Forum around here
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to sympatico in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    This is why when you ship things you insure them. This protects them not only in transit, but it also functions as a means of identifying an object's stated worth in court. If you're intending to apply again next year I'd recommend not pursuing any actions against them, but if you're going somewhere else you might consider legal action. Just because you are a potential student doesn't mean your stuff isn't worth anything or that they can just get away with destroying your property. He laughed it off because he knew that they are in the wrong and he's hoping you will laugh it off as well.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to R. Mutt in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I remembered I was talking to my professor about grad school -

    He was like, see that bike over there? Paint it white and tell them you made it out of plaster.

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    Eboni_Rain reacted to sculptor in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Amen, brother.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to cars in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I just got accepted to Bard after being rejected from 11 other schools (this round and last round). So I guess getting rejected a bunch of times doesn't mean you'll keep getting rejected forever.
    Best of luck to everyone.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to brown06 in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Hi guys just another "anything can happen story" I was initially rejected from UCSB wayyy back in January informally by email, well I was contacted just now and told I am actually on a waitlist. I wasnt their first round pick so I may not move off the waitlist--but there u go

    Rejection to waitlist! Anything can happen.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to Itsem in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    You made me feel better about not getting full-funding. I also received an email that SFAI is going to let me attend one of their graduate critiques when I am visiting. I know that it will help me decide everything.

    And the way I interpreted what you were saying that anywhere besides RISD and Yale are NOT worth borrowing money to go to. I feel like this is very defeating to most of us, or at least to me. Your saying that schools, like MICA, CMU, SAIC, etc, which are REALLY good schools are not worth going to if they don't pay your way for you. I'm leaning toward going to SFAI , but I will have to borrow money to do so, because I don't want to pass up an opportunity that I probably won't receive again. And yes, I am 30 years old.

    Plus, if we wanted to make the BIG BUCKS, I think most of us would not be getting into this field. I think we would have sacrificed our happiness to make money and we would be applying for MBA, etc. programs. I've been doing research about the loans, and the income-based repayment options sounds pretty reasonable. I'm really lucky and have only borrowed money from the Dept of Education so interest rates are always regulated.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to bordercrossings in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Guess I should be careful what I wish for... earlier today I posted that I was not only jealous of people's acceptances, but of their rejections too, and then I came home to two rejections in the mail. I'm glad to have news, but it's still hard to open those envelopes. The worst part is that one of them came in a big padded envelope. The portfolios for that school had to be submitted on CDs, and it turns out they were just returning my CD. WHY? So I can use it again next year?
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to steve5 in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    yea I agree, but I must admit I'm also jealous of people's acceptances, especially the ones with many acceptances and they actually get to make the choice of where they wanna go. it's kinda like in The Voice when you hope with you all your life that someone turns their chair for you, and then you get all of them to turn and it's your turn to make the choice. That's gotta be the coolest decision you can make.

    Anyway... yea I've been thinking about future plans and part of me is happy to have another 8 months or so to just work and develop my technical skills, and I got a really cool idea this morning in the shower that I want to develop , but part of me wishes I could do all that in grad school with the support system, the environment and the intensity to really motivate me to work.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for now.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to RedHandedJill in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I was rejected from all of my schools last year too, so I spent the last nine months basically birthing a new portfolio, a very ambitious new portfolio. I didn't get into my top choice schools, but I have been accepted this year with lots of funding. It really is true too, every time I was tired and didn't want to go to the studio, I would just think about all of those rejection letters. Hard work fueled by bitterness, it really is a winning combination.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to Kelly Neibert in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Got waitlisted by Hoffberger... :-/ Not losing hope yet.
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    Eboni_Rain got a reaction from gouache in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I strongly (yet respectfully) have to disagree. I live in Santa Fe, NM (part of the Rockies) and we have an amazing fine art market...nothing but galleries and many artist retreats. In fact, there is a whole real-estate market here devoted solely for homes with "private studios." Artist from around the world have studios here or permanently reside here. Art collectors, tourist, Native American artist etc...have very successful careers, yet we are not NY, Chicago or LA.
    Artists get inspiration from many places. Location can greatly influence creativity not to mention impact social/ cultural change. If you want to make a career as an artist, you need to work hard, and gain inspiration from wherever makes you happiest. For some people it is a large metropolitan city...for others, it is exactly the opposite. Many successful artists get inspiration from their environment. For many, this is in the west. Just because a school is not listed in the "top program list" does not mean successful artist do not emerge from them. And just because someone graduates from a top choice school, or resides in a metropolitan area, does not mean they will have a successful career. Hundreds of well-known artists practice or live in mountain states/southwestern states.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to leee in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I guess this really all depends on what you think about the school offering you full tuition and a TA position. I understand your concern in wanting to go to your top choice as I'm sure it is a better program but coming out with nothing and coming out with 60k debt are two different animals. Not liking the city is also understandable but for the most part you will be concentrating on your work and not the city. Best of luck !
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to uke in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Mlo said sculpture was still interviewing in rounds
    At this point I've lost faith ...here's to another year of teaching disrespectful high schoolers
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to sguid in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Mick, I got rejected from my 'safety school' as well. That was the first rejection I received...and then the second one came. No acceptances, and things aren't looking hopeful. It is a bit depressing to read about peoples' acceptances, but at the same time it's comforting to know we're not alone - and that in a lot of cases, there's no way to know who is going to get in where...it's all so subjective. That being said, hopefully it's lit a fire beneath you as it has me and our porfolios will only get stronger for next year. Best of luck! Just keep making stuff - that's all we can do!
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to Mr. Sad in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   

    (I am hoping she doesn't mind - LOL)
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to ol'spice in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I can't remember paying this much attention to my SPAM folder ever in my life...
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to Mongo Eats Crayons in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    Dear Mailbox,

    Why do you mock me so with your emptiness?
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to miyamoto81 in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I've had that same thought all week. Mostly everyone on this forum needs a round of shots.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to funny in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I have had two different teachers in undergrad who went to Cranbrook. Both were great. Both got teaching jobs early in their careers. Also, if you are need based cranbrook will help you out if you fill out your fafsa. Not as much as some schools, but certainly a nice chunk of change.

    If you are a successful artist, with gallery respresentation, grants, impressive residencies, and or public art pieces, ect. there are schools that will want to hire someone like you. Cranbrook will focus on your studio practice. They are very straightforward in explaining this.

    Getting teaching experiance is a good way to build a path toward teaching, but talk to your past proffessors and you will see that many did not follow that path. There are tons of different paths in something as happenstance as the art world. There are great teachers and artists who come from such a diverse background of schools. So my advice is to go to the school you are most excited about. Don't feel that you need to go to the "biggest most reputable school." Go to a program you like. And if you don't want student loans, take that into consideration too.
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to bicoastal in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    I think it is pretty standard to call and ask where you are at on the waitlist. It is important for you to know!
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    Eboni_Rain reacted to Chachau1 in MFA 2012 All Art ADMISSIONS freak-out forum!!!!!!!!   
    You know, I understand where you're coming from. Artists spend a lot of time alone and/or in their heads. When it comes to any sort of external evaluation or validation, we can't help but stress- it seems inborn into the way many of us work. But this message board is a small fraction of those in total who apply and get in-- and don't. If you really want to learn and improve- there are countless contemporary peers whose work is so readily accessible online as well as thousands of years of visual history. To compare and be compared here seems like a very myopic way of looking at your art and portfolio. It does provide context, but I would say that it's not very constructive.

    At the the same time, I think one should resist hounding on another user for website details-- you know, there's a thread explicitly for that and if it hasnt been shared yet it hasnt for a reason. In this age, everything is recorded on the Internet and there's a reason we all have anonymous usernames.

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