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  1. What about Columbia's MODA program? It looks really awesome. Thnks!
  2. Hi! I've seen s.o posted they got accepted into York University (Toronto) Cinema and Media studies PhD. Please, could that person contact me or give further information. Thanks!
  3. Hi Nicolemc, Yes, I guess the Uk one is a better option right now, but one always doubts if maybe trying again next year would be better and I could have the chance to get into a Tier1 school. For me the problem is how are they going to look at my CV once I finish if I have a PhD from a non recognized Uni... Complicated decisions. Thanks for the help! N.
  4. Hi, Al least and after a long waiting period I got into two PhD Film Studies programs. I have a very good offer from an Uk uni that offers me a college studentship which includes fees + 14.000Pounds stipend for 3 years - The POI was very interested and he works in the area I'm interested in... However, It's not a very well known Uni. On the other hand, I got into a more recognized program, which I also like as I personally know most of the people there (I did my undergrad there). The POI is a god fit , however, they just cover fees + a TAship of 4000$. I guess I should chose the 1st
  5. I heard from a friend in Canada that he knew about someone who got in a few weeks ago. I've also applied but haven't heard a thing. It's not my first choice at all but let me know if you know something - I'll do the same. Anyway, I'll probably try again next year. What about you, any special interest in York, do you have more choices? good luck man.
  6. Hi Seeking, Well it's going to be a pretty intense period until April! One never knows when we will get a response. I really hope that at least one of my options works out well. I'm crossing fingers for the one that asked for the transcrip...kind of have a good feeling. How many programs have you applied to?
  7. Hi there, Wiish I had found this forum before and seen that I'm not alone in this and that I'm not going crazy!! So much anxiety these days. I check my box mail and email all the time. This is insane! Wait, wait, wait... well good to see that I can share this with other people. Insofar, I've heard nothing, guess that if I haven't heard form Northwestern for an interview I should start to forget. I just got a letter from one the universities asking me to send a certified translation of one of my transcripts ( I did my MA in France).... I wonder if this is a good sign because a person who
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