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Happy to share that I have received and accepted an offer from Texas State! A big thank you to everyone who has been contributing to this forum. It’s been super comforting to go through this process w

I got in and will be attending in the fall! Happy to talk through the whole process with those who are interested, but the short version is this: I applied December 1 deadline. Invited to in

Welcome to the group @patrickjnorris! Glad to hear of your scheduled interviews! The only CA school I've applied to is Irvine and UCSD. I applied to Irvine through URTA and did not get invited to inte

I was wondering the same thing. Waiting is torture.

I'll hear from Brown this Friday, or if I don't I know I'm out there.

No word from Boston U, which people had heard from them by this time last year, so that makes me think that's a no. Which makes me sad. I thought that was my strongest application. 

Northwestern contacts people until mid-Feb so they're still a possibility.

No idea about UCSD. Application status is "under review"

I hope the URTA peeps start getting some good news! It's been eerily quiet on here.

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The waiting is enough to drive you crazy, right?!?! Sounds like everyone has made some progress in the process. Congrats to everyone! Here's my current body count:

Penn State - Rejection received

Texas State - Had second interview on campus - was told decisions will be made in 1-2 weeks.

Florida State - URTA interview went great. We were each other's last interview of the day so we went over time quite a bit. She said second/final round candidates would be invited for on campus interviews sometime in February. Haven't heard anything yet.

Ohio University - Invited for campus visit/interview.

UC San Diego - Still no word (just like the rest of us).


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@ManderLemon How did Sarah Lawrence go? Did you learn anything? I did not apply this year, but was curious for future years. It looks expensive tho!  

Good luck everyone. This grad school thing is just short of a mind fuck. If I'm ever in the 1%, I'm creating more grad programs and full funding for theatre makers. And if socialism ever works out I'm lobbying for state funded theatres that train directors :D 

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17 hours ago, NJChicago said:

Hey all! Longtime lurker. First time poster. I have a callback at Yale on February 24th. Still haven't heard anything from UCSD... seems like everyone is still waiting.

Welcome and congrats!! 

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Got the official no from Brown. Which I knew already, but come on Brown! On Valentine's day!

Sent an E-mail to the contact person from Northwestern and got an automatic response saying she was on leave. So maybe that is why no one has heard? I'll report back if I hear anything.

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