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The "Please PM me your POI" Thread


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Hello GC,


I'm interested to hear what POI you applied to work with from those who have been extended interviews to the following schools. You can PM me. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing a little bit about your relevant background (GPA, GRE, # of pubs, etc.) that would be greatly appreciated to plan for next year's applications (I've seen invites to USC, UC Berkeley, UConn, and UIC so far, so I'm guessing that I'll have to try again next year). Thanks! C


University of Southern California, Clinical Psychology

University of California - Berkeley, Clinical Psychology

University of Illinois - Chicago, Clinical Psychology

Universtiy of Connecticut, Clinical Psychology

University of Delaware, Clinical Psychology

Washington State University, Clinical Psychology

NYU - Steinhardt, Psychology and Social Intervention

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Do you mind me asking if you've been contacted by the NGP at Vandy? I've yet to hear anything or see anything posted in the results section about interviews or rejections.


I personally have not. I have a friend who has been contacted, but from a different POI, so I figured I would ask on here if anyone has heard anything. 

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Can the person who heard from PIttsburgh's clinical/health program today PM me your POI please?? I know invites traditionally go out today (I stalked past years) and I am nervous I didn't get one! Thank you :-)

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