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The "Please PM me your POI" Thread


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Ah you Manoa social people are killing me! I applied there for clinical and it looks like I still have awhile to wait. I've been almost emailing the department every day, but they have interview invites in past years in February, so I'm trying to resist. Sigh. But congrats!!! :-D

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Not entirely sure, but I think they don't do in-person interviews or interview weekends.  Just via email or phone.  Which would make sense, considering how much it'd cost to fly people out to Hawaii, haha.  I do know the psych department is meeting on Feb 6 to make decisions, not sure if that includes clinical, but some information nonetheless.

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Thanks disillusioned14! I might just be an annoying applicant and follow up with them. I still have 3 more schools to hear/not hear from, but they're the one that I care about the most out of that group. :-) Congrats again!

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Looking for info on:

U Montana

UT Austin

PGSP-Stanford Psyd

Pepperdine Psyd

Texas Tech

Texas A&M

LIU Brooklyn

All of these are for clinical emphasis. Thanks so much to whoever writes and helps this very frantic applicant out!

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Congratulations to those who got interviews so far! :)

Just saw that someone posted that they received an interview at the UNC Charlotte for Health Psychology.  I've been waiting to hear from them too!  Would you be able to PM me your POI by chance?!  Just trying to calm the nerves!


I also applied to the University of Iowa Clinical Psychology Program, but I haven't heard a peep from them either...If any of you lucky interviewees have heard back from Iowa, you would so rock if you could PM me who your POI is!


Good luck everyone!  I thought I was a rather patient person before I started this application process lol...now I'm not so sure!! ;)

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Awesome, great idea! I wish you luck to all of those applying!


If anyone has information from the following schools, I would sincerely appreciate it! Unfortunately, I have not heard anything positive as of yet for schools, otherwise I would help provide you all with information as well.


If people could email me the POI from these following schools:

Harvard -- cognitive

UCLA -- clinical

UT Austin -- clinical

University of Michigan -- cognitive

Vanderbilt -- cognitive

University of Minnesota -- cognitive

Duke University -- cognitive

UC Davis -- cognitive

Florida State -- clinical

NYU -- cognitive

University of Delaware -- cognitive


Thanks, and good luck to all!

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Could the person who had an interview from UC-Denver for Affect/Social PM me?


I have info for Portland State Social/Community psych if anyone's interested. Thanks!

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Can the person who just posted they were accepted to Michigan's Developmental Psych program PM me their POI and details of the contact? That's two people now who were accepted there so I'm assuming I'm no longer under consideration but it would just be good to have some information. Thanks!

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Would the person who posted the Harvard interview today mind PMing me their POI?

Thanks and congrats!

I would also love to get POI information from the person that posted about a phone interview for Harvard Psychology. Thanks so much in advance!

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